13 Amazing Hostels in Cusco, Peru

A shortlist of the best Cusco hostels for backpackers! If you want to meet fellow travellers and have an amazing time in Cusco, choose…

Patagonia hikes

11 Breathtaking Hikes in Patagonia

Trekking in Patagonia is a bucket list activity for many. Check out this handpicked list of the top hikes in the region for travel inspo!

Mbeju with cocido

Food in Paraguay – 10 Must-Try Dishes!

When it comes to food, Paraguay is often overlooked. However, Paraguayan cuisine is flavourful, exciting and very varied! Check out these must-try dishes on your visit!

Traditional Colombian dress

21 Cool Facts About Colombia

Did you know the Colombian national anthem legally has to be broadcast twice a day?! This article is full of facts about Colombia you may not know!

Top 10 South America Road Trips

Top 10 South America Road Trips!

South America is undoubtedly one of the best places you could choose to road trip. But with so many routes, how do you pick one? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

Iguacu Falls

11 Epic Waterfalls in South America You NEED To Visit

These waterfalls in South America need to be seen to be believed! From single-drop falls so tall you’ll have to crane your neck to see them to cascades that stretch for miles, you’ll find a waterfall to impress here.

Beach town near Rio

11 Amazing Day Trips From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is one of the most exciting, enthralling and beautiful cities in the world. However, if the pace of the city gets a bit too much, don’t worry. These day trips from Rio de Janeiro will deliver the change of pace you’ve been searching for!

Hiking in South America

13 Amazing Hikes in South America

Introducing the top hikes in South America! This guide includes the best time to do each, what to expect from the trail and the associated costs. Will you do all of these epic adventures?

What are the safest South American countries to travel to?

The Safest South American Countries in 2023

South America is generally safe to travel but there is no disputing that some countries are safer than others. We delved into the Global Peace Index to help put this article about the safest South American countries together.

Quilotoa Loop: A Guide to One of Ecuador’s Best Hikes!

Quilotoa Loop: A Guide to One of Ecuador’s Best Hikes!

For the past few weeks, backpacker and travel writer, Regina Röder has been hiking the trails and spending time with the indigenous communities of Guayama Grande, a small village close to the spectacular Laguna Quilotoa in the Ecuadorian Andes. Here she describes her unique experience getting to know the women of the community and what it taught her about harsh mountain life…

Rio de Janeiro from above

24 Astounding Facts About Brazil

Brazil is known for carnival, beautiful beaches, dense jungles and of course, wild parties. But there’s so much more to this astonishing country!

South America facts

21 Surprising Facts About South America

These fun facts about South America will blow your mind! From the highest mountain in Argentina to the longest ever driveable road, there is plenty to learn with these facts!

The Best Travel Money Belts - Keeping Safe on the Road!

The Best Travel Money Belts – Keeping Safe on the Road!

Many backpackers in South America worry about theft and the safety of their valuables but there are plenty of money belts out there to give you peace of mind. We compare the best travel money belts in this post to help you keep your valuables protected!

Gifts for hikers

Useful Gifts For Hikers – Get Them A Gift To Remember

It can be hard to know what to buy for the outdoorsy person in your life. To ease your struggle, our gear guide expert Tim has compiled his ultimate gift guide for hikers, ranging from cheap stocking fillers right up to high-end presents!

21 Fun Facts About Argentina

21 Fun Facts About Argentina

Did you know, Argentina’s national sport is not football but pato?! This article is full of facts about Argentina you may not know..

South American beers

11 Must-Try South American Beers

If your fancy yourself as a bit of a booze connoisseur, check out these must-try South American beers. With craft beer in Chile to football favourites in Argentina, you’ll find something lip smacking here!

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

These awesome bars in Buenos Aires are home to good vibes! Whether you’re looking for a trendy wine bar or craft beer is more your thing, make sure you hit up some of these places!

Argentinian empanadas

A Guide To Argentinian Empanadas

The Argentinian empanada has long been a staple throughout the country. Each region has its own version of this classic snack and the best thing is that they usually cost under a dollar to buy on the street. Discover more about empanadas in Argentina in our guide….

21 Interesting Facts About Bolivia

21 Mind Blowing Facts About Bolivia

Did you know that La Paz is not Bolivia’s true capital and that Sucre is? This article is full of facts about Bolivia you may not know…

South America money

Cheapest South American Countries to Visit

Knowing the cheapest countries in South America can really help you to plan your trip and work out your budget. In this article, we compare prices of the essentials and catch up with our community to find out the cheapest country in South America to backpack.

13 Unmissable Hikes in Peru

13 Unmissable Hikes in Peru

Peru is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. if you’re looking for trekking inspiration, these hikes in Peru offer world-class scenery and an adventure you’ll never forget.

What are the best anti-theft backpacks for travellers?

The Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Travellers

Safety is important when you travel. With more bags claiming to be theft-proof than ever, we dive into the best anti-theft backpack recommendations to work out what is best for a backpacking trip around South America!

Places to Visit in Peru

15 Amazing Places to Visit in Peru

Looking for places to visit in Peru? Look no further! Our list compiles the top destinations in the country, from world-class attractions to off the beaten track gems!

Hola sign

Which Countries in South America Speak Spanish?

There are nine Spanish speaking countries in South America which is great for backpackers on longer trips. A basic grasp of the language is bound to help you as you backpack your way around the continent!

Unmissable Places to Visit in Ecuador

Unmissable Places to Visit in Ecuador

Heading to Ecuador and looking for the best places to visit? You’re in the right place! From the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands to the varied mainland, Ecuador has something for all travellers!

South American dances

10 Beautiful Dances from South America

South America is alive with dance and each country has its own famous style. Whether you’re a samba fan or prefer to get lost watching the tango, we guarantee that you’ll be captivated by these South American dances.

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia safe to travel? It is a question we get asked a lot, especially by solo travellers. Generally, the answer is yes but Colombia is still a country where you have to remain vigilant. Here are our top tips for staying safe.

Peruvian fruit

Delicious Fruits From Peru You Should Try!

When it comes to unique tastes, visitors should not miss sampling a variety of Peruvian fruit. With sweet treats and sour citrus options, you’re bound to find something refreshing!

20 Spectacular National Parks in South America

20 Spectacular National Parks in South America

South America is home to 300 national parks, all beautiful and breathtakingly unique. To help you decide which of these you want to visit first, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites

Cerro Kennedy, Colombia: DIY Trekking Guide

Cerro Kennedy, Colombia: DIY Trekking Guide

A remote spot that provides amazing views of the highest mountains in the country on the one side and the Caribbean coast on the other. If you love hiking, the mountains and camping, this is your perfect two-day adventure!

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

Heading to South America and want to brush up on your Spanish? Watching Spanish movies is a great way to hone your language skills.

Bolivian Food: South America’s Overlooked Cuisine

Bolivian Food: 22 Must-Try Dishes!

Whilst Bolivian food is less known than that of its neighbours, there are still plenty of delicious dishes and snacks that you must try!

Ayahuasca: The Shamanic Vine That is Luring Backpackers to Peru

Ayahuasca: The Shamanic Vine That is Luring Backpackers to Peru

There’s a powerful and sacred plant that has been used by shamans in the jungles of South America for thousands of years. Due to its perceived spiritual powers, backpackers from all over the world have been traveling to remote communities to experience special ‘ceremonies’ deep in the heart of the jungle.

Biking the Unforgettable Ruta de las Cascadas in Baños, Ecuador

Biking Ruta de las Cascadas in Baños, Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador is the ultimate destination for adventure lovers, with an activity for every budget and adrenaline level. One thing you can’t miss in the area is biking the Ruta de Las Cascadas, or the Waterfall Route. The path follows the road from Baños to the town of Puyo, along the Río Pastaza canyon. The route leads you past 7 waterfalls, culminating in the mighty Pailón del Diablo, or Devil’s Cauldron.

11 Mouth-Watering Peruvian Drinks

11 Mouth-Watering Peruvian Drinks

The Pisco Sour might be Peru’s national drink but there is far more to the country’s drink scene than that! Here are our pick of the top Peruvian drinks that you can’t live the country without trying!

Explore More: A visit to Uros, Amantaní and Taquile Islands, Peru

Lake Titicaca Tours, Peru: A visit to Uros, Amantaní and Taquile

Whilst most travellers head to the floating islands from Puno, there is far more to see. Explore Taquile on foot and stay in a homestay on Amantaní island! This tour offers an authentic look at the culture and the lives of those living off the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Yerba Mate: South America’s Most Social Drink

Yerba Mate: South America’s Most Social Drink

Drinking yerba mate is a social and cultural ritual with a long history throughout South America. With so many rules to remember, it is easy to screw up. Read on for everything you need to know about mate!

Peruvian cuisine

Top 23 Peruvian Foods That You NEED to Try!

A foodies paradise! Peru is celebrated as having one of the most exciting gastronomical scenes in the world. And the best news for backpackers is that it’s cheap, not restricted to fancy restaurants and there is a huge variety of healthy, delicious dishes that could having you trying something new every day of your trip!

Machu Picchu In The Clouds

How To Reach Machu Picchu – 8 Options to Suit Every Budget!

There are several well-known ways to travel to Machu Picchu; the Inca Trail which will set you back over $600 USD, or the more ‘backpacker-friendly’ Salcantay Trek or Inca Jungle Adventure Trek (around $225 USD). But what if your budget doesn’t stretch to tailored treks and expensive tourist transportation? How can you visit the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site whilst spending as little as $70 USD including all of your transport and accommodation? Here’s how…

Sandboarding in Huacachina Peru!

Sandboarding & Sand Skiing in Huacachina, Peru

Sanboarding is a must do activity in Huacachina but did you also know you can sand ski there? Our writers went to check out both of these adventure activities. But how did they measure up? Is this backpacker rite of passage worth the hype?

Llama at Machu Picchu

20 Amazing South American Animals

South America is full of majestic, dangerous and outright bonkers animals. Here are some of our favourites! How many have you seen?!

Swimming with Sea Lions at Palomino Island, Peru

Swimming with sea lions at Palomino Island in Peru is a great activity for backpackers. It is cheaper than a trip to the Galapagos and promises unforgettable memories. Here is everything you need to know about this unforgettable activity close to Lima!

Top South American Drinks to Try on Your Trip!

Top South American Drinks to Try on Your Trip!

Soda the flavor of bubble gum. Tea made out of the highly controversial coca plant. Strong local spirits flavored with Anise. Find yourself thirsty in South America and you’ve clearly got no need to fret! We give you a list of the TOP 21 DRINKS to guzzle down!

The Origin of Ceviche: The History of Peru’s National Dish 

The Origin of Ceviche – Peru’s National Dish

Ceviche or cebiche is Peru’s most iconic dish. The origin of ceviche is hard to pinpont and regional variations appear all over Latin America. You’ve tried the dish, now learn the history behind it!

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