Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As the capital city of Argentina, it is no surprise that Buenos Aires boasts one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the country. Offering everything from Quilmes beer to tantalising Tango, hanging out at one of the many bars is an incredibly popular evening activity for Porteños and visitors alike! 

All of these bars in Buenos Aires offer delectable drinks,  an interesting theme and a great vibe that make for a fun night out. If you ever find yourself in Argentina’s capital, here are some bars you need to check out!

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How to Find the Best Bars in Argentina’s Capital

The trendy district of Palermo (both the Soho and Hollywood areas) offers a wide selection of chic bars. Also, look out for restaurants and cafes that are open during the day before morphing into an evening watering hole after the sun sets. 

If you don’t intend to make a reservation, Palermo is your best bet as there are plenty of options that are a stone’s throw away from each other. The key to finding a great bar in Buenos Aires is to look for something which draws a decent crowd, so keep your eye out for queues. 

For a more luxury or exclusive vibe, check out the bars in hotels. Most of these can be found in the districts of Recoleta or Puerto Madero. Without further ado, let’s check out the coolest bars that Buenos Aires has to offer!

Buenos Aires street
Buenos Aires is home to some very trendy bars!

7 Coolest Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. Trade Skybar

Perched atop a tall commercial building on the edge of the microcentro district sits Trade Skybar. This rooftop bar provides an incredible panoramic view of the Rio de la Plata river, making it a great place to spend an evening.

There are actually two bars housed in this building. The first one on the 15th floor is seemingly a cross between the Skybar and the Vuelta Abajo Social Club, which is known for its impressive cigar cellar. The 15th floor is home to a classy lounge and an outdoor patio that provides a great view of the water (although not panoramic like the second bar). If you are into cigars, this is the place to visit.

Trade Skybar is located on the 19th floor and is a circular, open-air rooftop bar. On one side, you get a view of Puerto Madero and the river, while the other side offers an incredible sunset city view. It is a good place to grab a drink no matter the time of day!.

The bar offers both mocktails and cocktails so even if you’re not a big drinker, you’ll find something to suit. The Super Tai with Horchata de Pistacho is a firm favorite around my table! The food is pretty good here too, and the prices are not as high as you might expect for a sky bar.  

It is worth bearing in mind that there is usually a minimum spend per person. The Argentine Peso fluctuates too much for numbers to make much sense but it should amount to around two cocktails. If you intend to visit Trade Skybar,  it is advisable to make a reservation beforehand as it is a popular spot.

2. Tres Monos

Tres Monos
The cool interior of Tres Monos.

Tres Monos is a small, cozy place situated on a street corner within the popular Palermo district. Proudly proving that size doesn’t matter, many locals and visitors have claimed that this is their favorite bar in Buenos Aires. Even a bartender that I know from another watering hole secretly told me that this is where he hangs out with his friends! 

If you are looking for a typical backpacker bar, this kind of feels like it. It has the same sort of vibe as a fun street bar and you will see both travelers and locals there. This unassuming bar has become so popular that it even catapulted its way into the 50 Best Bars in the World list in 2020!

When you walk by Tres Monos at night, you’re likely to see a crowd of people chatting, drinking, and smoking outside. It is best known for its cocktails. 

Grosera cocktail at Tres Monos
Grosera cocktail.

3. Frank’s Bar

Upon entering Frank’s Bar, you are greeted with a funky collection of vintage items which sets the tone for the kind of place you’re visiting. In fact, there’s a whole alleyway from the bar’s entrance to the actual bar area that is lined with fun and exciting rooms, including a sex shop, cinema, and automotive workshop. 

This speakeasy provides a fun journey back in time. The bar interior is sophisticated while still being inviting. Think huge, cushioned couches with luxury criss-cross patterns and elegant chandeliers. The cocktails here are delicious (I’m a big fan of the White Russian, which is actually not on the menu, but you can request it. If you like coffee, this is the drink to go for, and it also doubles up well as a dessert!).

There are not a lot of food options on the menu and the dishes that are offered tend to be more at the expensive end. The traditional Argentinian empanadas make for a great snack, but I wouldn’t recommend sitting down for a full meal here. Nonetheless, Frank’s bar is definitely worth a visit for the mouth-watering drinks and relaxed vibe. 

4. The Rooftop at Selina Palermo

Selina sunset
A beautiful sunset from the Rooftop at Selina Palermo. Credit: Selina Palermo.

If you are a digital nomad traveling around South America, you’ll have likely heard of the Selina chain already. It is a higher-end hostel chain aimed at remote workers, backpackers and flashpackers. Selina has branches in different cities across Europe, North and Latin America and each have their own unique vibe.

Selina hostels are best known for their inclusive community feel. Each Selina will usually offer coworking spaces for digital nomads, wellness classes, a cinema room, at least one restaurant and a bar. 

Situated in Palermo Soho, Selina Buenos Aires has a rooftop bar with one of the best sunset views around. You don’t have to be a guest at the hostel to frequent the bar either. Sometimes it hosts events run by the hostel, and at other times, it acts as a generic bar, doubling up as a popular spot for meetups and gatherings. If it gets too windy on the rooftop terrace, there is also a cafe on the ground floor you can visit. 

5. Presidente Bar

This bar was also featured in the World’s Top 50 Bars in 2020. It is a tastefully decorated old-world cocktail bar nestled in the Recoleta district. The interior is full of character and this, combined with clever lighting invites you in. 

One of the highlights of a trip here is that the drinks are served in quirky-shaped glasses. There are ones shaped like the Louvre, the Egyptian obelisk and a hot air balloon, to name a few! From firsthand experience, I can say that the cocktails are tasty, particularly those with floral elements.

The food menu has a full section dedicated to sushi, which is great if you are a fish lover but not so good otherwise!  When I visited, I had a burger which was well made, but the prices were on the slightly higher end. 

6. Overo Wine Bar

Overo wine bar
If you love wine, Overo Wine Bar is a good choice!

If you are into wine, Overo is the perfect bar for you. It is located right at the Plaza Armenia in the center of Palermo Soho. Overo has a huge selection of wine and you’re guaranteed to be absolutely spoiled for choice if you visit. The service and hospitality here stood out for me when I visited. 

The best thing about a visit here is that you can order the wine by the glass to try different varieties.  The owner also speaks English, so feel free to ask for recommendations because you will likely be overwhelmed by the wide selection. 

Overo also offers both red and white juice drinks that are cooked with herbs and fruits for non-alcoholic drinkers. These are tasty options and look like red and white wine, so you don’t have to feel left out if you’re the designated driver!

The wine bar also has a good food selection. Despite its classy interior, prices are pretty affordable. They also have a rooftop terrace that is great for catching the sunset when the weather is good. 

7. Strange Brewing

For beer lovers, this is the spot to be. Strange brewing is your typical taphouse with probably the best selection of craft beers I have seen in Buenos Aires. Despite not being a dark beer drinker, I was persuaded to try out the “Cortado, Por Favor”. This oatmeal stout sounded delicious based on the description and it was surprisingly nice. I would certainly return to try the other stouts. 

I love that at Strange Brewing, you have the option to order in measurements of 236ml, so you can opt to try more flavors in smaller quantities. However, this is only limited to varieties of beer on tap. There are many other exciting craft brews canned in full pints as well.

They offer finger food options and also sometimes do pop-up events here in collaboration with other restaurants. Check them out if you’re a beer lover!

Have we missed your favorite bar in Buenos Aires off our list? Let us know in the comments!

Header image: Courtesy of The Rooftop at Selina Palermo.

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