Share Your Travel Stories!

Share Your Travel Stories!

South America Backpacker is not your ordinary travel blog. It is a collaboration of thousands of traveller voices!

This website was designed to give YOU a platform in which to share your travel stories and help other travellers around the world. Whilst we manage the website, you are the ones who provide inspiration and facilitate our community!

This website was born out of a dream which originally started in South East Asia. 23-year old British backpacker, Nikki Scott decided to create a ‘travel diary for everyone’ – showcasing stories from backpackers navigating their way in pastures new. From this idea, a print magazine (remember those?) was born, which was distributed in hostels all over Southeast Asia, for free. In an ever-growing digital world, the concept evolved over the years but you can find that same vision in the South East Asia Backpacker website you see today!

After a backpacking trip to South America, Nikki decided to embark on a new adventure and sought to recreate the community she had already established in Southeast Asia…thus, South America Backpacker was born! Since the inception of this idea, backpackers, expats and locals have come together to create an outstanding resource for travellers on the continent. Do YOU want to be a member of this amazing community and create awesome content that is shared with thousands of backpackers?! You’re in the right place!

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Join our community and create kickass content for backpackers!

Are you a Travel Blogger?

We are always looking for articles from writers and will publish an author bio to accompany your piece with a link to your travel blog and social media. All articles submitted to us must be unique and not already published on your own blog. We are keen to hear about any and all experiences in South America!

You can also send us a brand new destination guide, update an existing travel guide or devise a country itinerary for which we will credit you. For more information about becoming a writer for us, please see here

Are you an Instagrammer or Travel Photographer?

In South America and got a story for us? We want to hear from you! Do a takeover of the South America Backpacker Instagram account and share your travels with other travellers. We are keen to hear all about your experiences travelling in South America, whether you want to take us on a walking tour or show us the local street food – all eyes are on you!

If you are a travel photographer and would like to showcase your pictures in one of our articles or destination guides – just let us know! Please see our writers page and get in touch via our contact us page. We will, of course, credit any photographers 🙂 

Are you a YouTuber?

Are you an aspiring YouTuber looking to share your traveller videos with a community of backpackers? We are currently in the process of developing our YouTube channel which has fallen on the back burner over recent months. Now it is time for an overhaul!

If you are interested in creating content for us, we’ll add your video to our YouTube channel with a link to your own channel, tag you and share it in our Facebook group (5,000+ members and growing) as well as on other our social media channels.

To kickstart this process, just send us your video in its raw format (MP4 works well) and record a short introduction to tell us a bit about yourself that we can add to the start of the video. Don’t worry if you are now back home, you can record the intro anywhere!  

We are asking all YouTubers to please say the following for the introduction: “Hi South America Backpackers! I’m … from …” (This is to keep the format consistent). You are also free to mention all of your other social media channels too. Hello followers!

Review Opportunities 

We often get asked to sample tours and trips in exchange for writing an honest review article about our experience. To thank you for being a valued member of our community, we offer these opportunities to writers, movie makers and photographers who have already been published with us! 

If the trip is good enough, it could even qualify for a coveted spot on the booking platform of our website, a place we reserve for high-quality, tried and tested backpacker adventures. With everything from flights over the Nasca Lines in Peru to hiking Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, the world is your oyster!

Contact Us

If you are wondering how to get involved with anything we have mentioned, please get in touch with the South America Backpacker team via our contact us page. Please briefly explain how you want to collaborate with us and provide links to your YouTube, Travel blog, Instagram or Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!

And Lastly… Join our Facebook Group

We are hugely proud of our supportive backpacking Facebook Group: South America Backpacker Community. Although managing a group this size takes time and commitment, we love hearing about traveller’s day-to-day experiences and facilitating a backpacking community on the road. Meet friends, connect with travellers and assist when you can. With over five thousand members and increasing, if you have a question, this is the place to ask!

How we use our Facebook Group: We use the insight of our backpacking community to keep our website content as up-to-date as possible. This way, we can continue to help as many people as possible with up-to date destination guides and current tips. We may quote backpackers in articles but we only ever use full names with permission. We never use photos without the photographer’s agreement and always credit these images. Thanks for being a part of our community!

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