13 Amazing Hostels in Medellín, Colombia

Selina hostel Medellin

When you arrive in the Colombian city of Medellín, you’ll find it hard to believe that this was once the murder capital of the world. Now an innovative and upcoming destination, the city has become a popular hub for travellers and digital nomads alike. As such, there are countless amazing hostels in Medellín, making choosing the right one for you a daunting prospect! 

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! After spending a month in the city, we came to know a bit about choosing a great hostel in Medellín. But, because we know you want more than just one blogger’s opinion, we also asked in our South America Facebook Community full of backpackers travelling in Colombia right now. So, what are the best hostels in Medellín according to travellers?

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Hostels in Medellín – Top Choices!

The most up-to-date list on the web! 😉 The COVID-19 pandemic changed travel in many ways. Sadly, loads of banging backpacker hostels closed down or changed hands. Many blogs on the internet still list hostels that have long fallen from grace or that aren’t even open anymore! This list has been updated recently to reflect the current recommendations from our Facebook community who are on the road in Colombia right now!

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Best Hostels in Medellín – Quick Answers! 

Street art in El Poblado
El Poblado is a popular area for backpackers in Medellín.

13 Best Hostels in Medellín, Colombia

1. The Wandering Paisa

  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: No
  • Price: $

Compare prices of The Wandering Paisa 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Unlike many of the other hostels in Medellín, The Wandering Paisa is located in the local neighbourhood of Laureles. Despite being a few metro spots from El Poblado, the area is generally very safe. 

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The Wandering Paisa prides itself on offering a local experience for backpackers and aims to bring travellers together with Colombians. They host a variety of events including language exchanges, karaoke nights, salsa sessions and open mic evenings, helping backpackers to leave the comfort of the Gringo bubble! 

There are only a couple of private rooms, so couples may feel like a minority group here. The Wandering Paisa is a better choice for solo travellers as it offers a great environment to meet people without the pumping party vibe. For those travelling on a shoestring, It also offers some of the best bang for your peso that you’ll find anywhere in the city! A dorm bed costs less than $10USD a night, more money for salsa and cervezas! 

2. Medellín Vibes

  • Price: $$$
  • Female Only Dorms Available: Yes
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Medellín Vibes 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Medellín Vibes is the hostel your grandparents would approve of. From the shiny stone floors in the reception area to the chic bar, this place oozes class and sophistication.

It is a little further out of the centre of El Poblado than most hostels but only takes around 15 minutes on foot to reach the street with most of the bars and restaurants. Medellín Vibes is not the most social of hostels but it is a great place to relax and unwind for a few days. Let’s face it, travelling in South America can be a challenge and we all need to recharge our batteries from time to time!

Medellin Vibes Swimming Pool
The beautiful pool at Medellín Vibes hostel!

Each dorm bed comes with privacy curtains, power sockets, a reading light and a fan. To ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, clean towels are provided every day too! The prices are a little higher than some other options in the city but you really get what you pay for. A giant pool, large rooms, a fully stocked bar and top-quality breakfast are all provided for the guests. If you really fancy splurging, the King Suite even has a spa bath! Oooh, la la!

3. Black Sheep Hostel 

  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Price: $$

Compare prices of Black Sheep Hostel 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Black Sheep Medellín gets frequent recommendations from our readers and regularly appears on best hostels in Medellín lists. Unlike many of the other popular backpacker hostels, it’s a 15-minute walk from the busy centre of El Poblado so you’re a little way from the main drag. Even with the location being slightly further out, the subway station is only 10 minutes away so exploring the rest of the city is easy. 

The common areas, full of big comfy sofas and hammocks, make for great places to get to know your fellow travellers and the free tea and coffee are sure to help cure your head if you have a heavy night in one of Medellín’s many clubs! 

The main complaint from guests is the lack of air conditioning. This means the rooms can get very stuffy during the day. Unless you are a big fan of saunas, get out early and start exploring to avoid this heat trap. No one comes to Medellín to sit in a hostel all day anyway!

“Black Sheep isn’t a party hostel but can still get quite loud so if you’re looking for a quiet place you should go elsewhere. It is a great choice if you’re travelling solo and looking to make friends, I loved it here!” – Olivia. 

4. Los Patios

  • Price: $$$
  • Female Only Dorms Available: Yes 
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Los Patios 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Straight off the bat, Los Patios does it all right; the rooms are spacious, spotlessly clean and super comfortable. However, the communal areas are the real place to be. Whether it’s chilling out on the rooftop terrace, getting your caffeine hit in the on-site café, playing games in the recreation room or smashing out your latest work assignment in the coworking space, Los Patios has you covered. 

Salsa Lesson at Los Patios
Get your dancing shoes on – it’s time for salsa at Los Patios!

The kitchen is as beautifully clean as the rest of the hostel, so you never have to worry about dirty pots and pans ruining your meal prep. There is even a communal herb garden which you are encouraged to use to add some Colombian flavour to your meals!

Los Patios offer free art and photography exhibitions, Spanish classes, free salsa lessons and bike tours, as well as many other social activities on their rooftop bar. Whilst it is certainly not a party hostel (the bar closes around 11 pm), the atmosphere is buzzing most evenings.

“I’m staying at Los Patios Hostel. It’s one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed at and at a decent price. They have dorms and private suites. Super clean, great kitchen, rooftop bar, and lots of activities and tours every day. Highly recommend!” – Micaela.

5. Casa Kiwi Hostel

  • Price: $
  • Female Only Dorms Available: No 
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Casa Kiwi Hostel 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Casa Kiwi is a popular budget Medellín backpacker hostel located in the El Poblado neighbourhood. The rooms are basic but clean and travellers can’t stop talking about the staff, from the people at reception to the cleaners – everyone wants to help you here!

Free tea and coffee are available in the guest kitchen and there is also a tasty restaurant at a good price point on-site. The communal areas are ideal for meeting other travellers and there are plenty of hammocks dotted around for lazing. 

Don’t miss the rooftop plunge pool, complete with a bar. It’s a great place to share a few beers with your new friends! As well as this, there is also a pool table lounge where local bands sometimes perform. You don’t even need to leave – the nightlife will come to you!

6. Sugar Cane Hostel

  • Price: $
  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Sugar Cane Hostel 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

This intimate hostel offers a different experience to others on our list. It is small and a little quieter than the competition. Do not take this to mean Sugar Cane Hostel is not a sociable place though! On the contrary, the rooftop terrace makes for the perfect place to grab a beer and get chatting with a more laid-back type of traveller. Nataly, the host, even prepares a full BBQ every Sunday for guests to enjoy as a group. 

Centrally located within the El Poblado neighbourhood, Sugar Cane Hostel makes for a great base to explore the surrounding area. All the popular local tours such as Lake Guatape and Comuna 13 can be arranged and booked on-site. The buffet breakfast is available between 7.30-11.00 each day so you can choose between an early start or a sleep-in without fear of missing out. 

“I liked the Sugar Cane hostel in El Poblado. Nice area and good social vibe in the hostel!” – Pauline.

7. Masaya Medellín

  • Female Only Dorms Available: Yes
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Price: $$$

Compare prices of Masaya Medellín 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Situated atop the absolutely banging ‘Hello! Burgers and Beer’ restaurant, this boutique hostel gets rave reviews from travellers of all stripes. Located in the popular El Poblado barrio, they offer spacious private rooms and comfortable shared dorms, including options for female travellers. 

Much like many of the other Medellín hostels on this list, Masaya aims to fulfil your every need, offering a coworking area with high-speed internet, a bar and restaurant, live music evenings and a tour desk. The highlight of any visit here is undoubtedly the rooftop pool and jacuzzi, both of which boast breathtaking 360 views of the entire neighbourhood. 

Mayasa Medellin
Masaya is a popular Medellín hostel with couples.

The downside of a stay here is that while the hostel is amazing, it is lacking the typical backpacker atmosphere. The quality of the rooms and the range of amenities offered typically attract more vacationers than long-term travellers. While this is unlikely to be an issue for couples or digital nomads, solo travellers may feel that the vibe is a little flat. 

8. Rango Boutique Hostel 

  • Price: $$
  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: No 

Compare prices of Rango Boutique Hostel 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Whilst the large private rooms are pretty pricey, the dorms at Hostel Rango Boutique are very reasonable considering the quality of this hostel. Rustic wood, exposed brickwork and metal plumbing make the building a hipster’s wet dream. Combine that with the modern bathrooms and attention to detail from the cleaners and you are onto a real winner. 

Not content with just providing a great place to lay your head, Rango Boutique Hostel also offers yoga classes on the rooftop, free salsa lessons and music nights, as well as happy hour deals and ladies’ nights. 

Sure, you can find a cheaper bed elsewhere in the city but all the beds at Rango are of the highest quality. They’re clean, spacious and well-lit. Unlike cheaper places, the dorms are not crammed full of beds so you still feel like you have a bit of privacy when hanging out on your bunk.

“Rango Boutique Hostel in El Poblado is very nice! Sociable but not loud and quite spacious dorms.” – George.

9. Yolo Hostel Medellín

  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Price: $

Compare prices of Yolo Hostel Medellín 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Located close to Lleras Park and other popular nightlife spots, Yolo Hostel Medellín has the benefit of being close to many amenities without being in the thick of the action. This vibrant and colourful hostel has been lovingly decorated, making the communal areas a pleasure to spend time in.

A variety of room types are available and the hostel is great for meeting other travellers. The clean and well-equipped kitchen makes cooking your own meals a doddle – you won’t have to worry about breakfast though, that’s included in the room rate. 

Yolo Hostel is right next to the river which means that the sound of water will be your nighttime soundtrack. This makes a nice change to some other spots in Poblado where bassy beats will keep you up until the early hours!

10. Purple Monkey

  • Price: $
  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Purple Monkey 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Calling all partygoers, Purple Monkey Hostel is the Medellín hostel for you! With an incredible roof terrace bar and a central location close to the pumping nightlife of Parque Lleras, this over-18s hostel is the place to go if you want to meet new people, sink a few beers and dance the night away. 

The common areas are great for chilling with other backpacks and the whole place has a great vibe to it. A lot of value for money is provided here too, a free breakfast is included in the room rate, as are towels. 

Purple Monkey Graffiti
Purple Monkey is the best party hostel in Medellín!

The only complaint we’ve heard from travellers about Purple Monkey is that the WiFi is a bit patchy. While it should be fine for the average joe, those working remotely may want to book into one of the many nearby coworking spaces for the day. Still, if you’re looking for the best party hostel in Medellín, we doubt you’ll be doing much work anyway! 

11. Noah Boutique Hostel

  • Price: $
  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes

Compare prices of Noah Boutique Hostel 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Having worked in a hostel in the past, I can attest that keeping them clean can be a real challenge. Not for Noah Boutique Hostel though! They manage to keep their hostel in showroom condition no matter how many grubby backpackers pour through the door! 

From the hostel, it is just a short minute walk to El Poblado Park, the metro or one of the many bars and restaurants along the main strip. Fibre-optic WiFi ensures great internet speeds but be warned, when the hostel is busy, getting a signal in the large terrace area can be an issue. 

Noah Boutique Hostel provides a different breakfast each morning so you’re not stuck with the old South American favourite of omelette and fruit every day! They also fire up the BBQ every Thursday which creates the perfect opportunity to mingle with other backpackers!

12. Selina Medellín

  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Price: $$$

Compare prices of Selina Medellín 💰: Booking.com | Hostelworld 

Selina is one of the biggest hostel chains in the world but still divides opinion. Some backpackers avoid them due to their higher-than-average prices whilst others will use them whenever possible. 

Selina private room Medellin
A standard room at Selina Medellín.

You can always rely on Selina hostels to have fast WiFI and good coworking spaces and restaurants. As a result, this means that many of those who choose to stay there are digital nomads

While you can always guarantee the infrastructure in a Selina hostel, you cannot always guarantee the social vibe. Some can be practically buzzing, whilst others are much more sedate. This hostel is a great option for couples and those working remotely but its size and vibe may mean that it isn’t ideal for solo backpackers. 

“I really enjoyed staying at Selina Medellín. I stayed in a private room (they gave me a free upgrade :D) which was clean and spacious. Loved the yoga classes and bar which had real pale ale! Was an ideal location to work from during the day. ” – Tim. 

13. Pa Pasiar Hostal

  • Female Only Dorms Available: No
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Price: $

Mixing hipster decor with Colombian charm, Pa Pasiar Hostal is next to Iglesia Rosales in the Laureles district. The local owner Lina immediately makes travellers at ease and it won’t be long until you feel like ‘su casa es tu casa’! 

It is clear that she takes enormous pride in the hostel which can be seen from the immaculately clean rooms. Backpackers looking for a local experience won’t want to miss a stay in this residential district – Lina has even been known to take the guests’ salsa dancing! 

The place is quite small which means that you get the chance to know people on a deeper level than you usually experience in a hostel. If you have an account, you can access Netflix in the common area – an added perk! 

As it continues to grow and evolve, Medellín becomes ever more popular with travellers. Luckily though, there are accommodation offerings aplenty in this exciting city. Digital nomads would be hard-pressed to find a better hostel in Medellín equipped for working on the road than Selina, whereas couples looking for a dreamy escape will love Masaya. 

Shoestring travellers will love the authenticity of a stay outside Gringoland and appreciate the rock-bottom prices at The Wandering Paisa. And for solo travellers, Black Sheep ticks all the boxes. From the more well-established chains to the newly-popular spots, you truly can’t go wrong with any of the Medellín hostels on this list! 

What is your favourite hostel in Medellín? Let us know which ones you love in the comments!

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