Drink! Terere – iced herbal tea.

Eat! Chipa, a bread made of cornmeal, manioc, and cheese – that is slightly reminiscent of a bagel- that’s right folks a bagel!

Listen! To the rushing energy of the water pouring down from the Italpu dam, the largest hydroelectric complex in the world.

Party! At the San Blas festival, every February get your “Ay Caramba” on and join the parades and festivities.

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An Introduction to Backpacking in Paraguay!

Come to Paraguay and you just may be the only backpacker for miles. Things haven’t exactly taken off in this country, which is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a well-off the beaten path adventure. The main draw of visiting this land-locked country is to relish in the overwhelming friendliness of its people. Mention futbol and chances are a door will be opened, an invitation extended, and dinner shared amongst quickly made new friends.

Paraguay is a land of wilderness, vast and untamed.  Unlike most other countries in South America, the terrain is dominated by marshes, lagoons, dense forests, and grassy plains.

Why not enjoy some avocado over a chat about futbol?

5 Random facts about Paraguay:

  1. Spanish and Guarani are both national languages, with 92% of the population speaking Spanish and 98% speaking Guarani.
  2. Located smack dab in the middle of the continent, Paraguay is often referred to as “el corazon del America” (The heart of America).
  3. The deforestation rate in Paraguay is one of the highest in the world.
  4. It is still legal to duel in Paraguay but the two participants must be registered blood donors.
  5. Upon arrival at a home, ringing a doorbell is not customary. Instead, clap your hands.

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