21 Interesting Facts About Bolivia

21 Mind Blowing Facts About Bolivia

Did you know that La Paz is not Bolivia’s true capital and that Sucre is? This article is full of facts about Bolivia you may not know…

Bolivian Food: South America’s Overlooked Cuisine

Bolivian Food: 22 Must-Try Dishes!

Whilst Bolivian food is less known than that of its neighbours, there are still plenty of delicious dishes and snacks that you must try!

Bolivia - One Month Itinerary

Bolivia Itinerary: Backpacking the Highlights!

This one month Bolivia itinerary is a great starting point for travellers looking to see the main sites in the country. Detailing the best places to stay, things to do and the suggested duration in each place, you need this itinerary if you are heading to Bolivia!

A Taste of Bolivia with La Boca del Sapo Cooking Class

A Taste of Bolivia with La Boca del Sapo Cooking Class

Bolivia is not generally known for its gastronomy but that is something that is sure to change. During our time in Sucre, we headed out to cooking school La Boca del Sapo to create the famous Mondongo Chuquisaqueno dish.

A Trip into the Potosí Mines, Bolivia – An Ethical Dilemma

The Bolivian city of Potosí is most known for its mining industry and the silver mines of Cerro Rico overlook the city as an ever present reminder of how this city is financed. Travellers can get a closer look at the mines on a guided tour but there are debates about whether this is ethical. Writers Sheree and Tim went to see whether this is a cause that helps or harms the industry.

Hotel Quality for Backpacker Budgets - A Review of 360 Grados Hostel, Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Review | 360 Grados Hostel, Santa Cruz

Located in the popular market street of Los Pozos, Santa Cruz, 360 Grados is a great choice for backpackers looking to explore the city. This huge hostel has all the facilities a traveller could need, including a clean, communal kitchen and hammocks on the rooftop! If you’re looking for hotel quality without the price tag then head to 360 Grados! 

A Mural Seen on the Cochabamba Bike Art Tour, Bolivia

Discover the Cochabamba Street Art Scene, Bolivia

The street art in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is truly a sight to behold. We took a bike tour around the city to learn the stories behind the incredible works that decorate the walls of Bolivia’s food capital.

A Cosy Cottage Stay at Casa Lynda, Samaipata

A Cosy Cottage Stay at Casa Lynda, Samaipata

Samaipata is a hidden gem just outside Santa Cruz. There are numerous accommodation options around but not all of them that suit a backpacker budget boast cleanliness and comfort. Backpacker Sheree went to see how Casa Lynda measured up.

How to Rent a Car & Explore the Salt Flats of Bolivia Without a Tour

In general the costs of renting a car to explore Bolivia’s Salar Uyuni (the largest salt flats in the world) are higher than booking a trip with a tour agency, but the freedom and adventure you will gain are priceless. Driving through the South of Bolivia will leave you speechless and you’ll encounter some of the most stunning scenery known to humans… Sold? Here’s how to do it!

A Mountain View in Maragua

The “Tibet of South America”: 4 Adventurous Bolivian Treks

When it comes to trekking in South America, there are a number of famous hikes that always make travellers’ itineraries, the legendary Inca Trail being the most well known. But whether you’ve dreamed about or have actually experienced some of these South American highlights, you’ve probably never contemplated walking in another country here: Bolivia.

Diving into Bolivian Community-Life: 6 Weeks Volunteering in La Paz

Volunteering has taught me how powerful it can be as an opportunity to come face to face with the reality of life South America. Unlike travelling, where you are often confined to just peering through the grimy bus windows and out into the crumbling adobe of the many communities you pass, when you stop to volunteer, you are invited into those houses, offered a chair, and given a class of refreshing, home-fermented chichi drink. Steph Dyson tells us about her rewarding experience volunteering for six weeks outside La Paz, Bolivia…

Mountaineering in South America: Breaking the Ice in Bolivia and Peru

South America offers some of the best mountaineering adventures in the world. With the spine of the mighty Andes stretching along the West coast from Colombia to Chile – the hiking opportunities are endless. 18-year old backpacker, Tomas Aramburu tells us about how he summited Huayna Potosí in Bolivia and Mount Soray in Peru and fell in love with the mountains…

Wild Times with Balu: Volunteering at ‘Inti Wara Yassi’ Wildlife Preserve in Bolivia

For more than 20 years, Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) has been working to provide a safe and healthy environment for rescued animals while educating the Bolivian public to respect wildlife and the environment. Traveller Andrew Marston describes the month he spent walking through the jungle with hisy furry new friend Balu, a beautiful Andean Spectacled Bear that is highly endangered…

Wilman Matty, Indigenous Farmer in Rurrenabaque

Interview with Indigenous Farmer, Wilman Matty – Proud to be Indigenous

We travel to connect. To become inspired by one another. Whether they are locals or other foreigners, travelers quickly learn the power of a conversation, the power that a new perspective can add to our own lives. Check out this interview of indigenous farmer, Wilman Matty conducted by Belinda Grasnick in Rurrenabaque, Madidi National Park, Bolivia…

Buen Provecho Sucre: The Culinary Capital of Bolivia

Unknown to many, the colonial city of Sucre in Bolivia is a food-lover’s heaven, where backpackers can enjoy a Top Class four course meal for less than $4 US! Colonial influence has brought German, French and Belgian cuisine; some incredible edible delights for vegetarians and not forgetting the street food in the local market, as well as buzzing night life! RTW traveller Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin went on a culinary exploration of the ‘White City of the Americas’ to see what has hungry backpackers sweet on Sucre.

A Mountain And A Lake in Altiplano, Bolivia

A Beach Bum Gets High in Bolivia’s Altiplano Region – The Salt Flats

Leaving the beach behind for a more rugged adventure, travel writer Claire Berry, heads to Bolivia’s famous salt flats. Four days of vistas that have inspired artists, hot springs to melt away altitude induced aches, and enough salt to dress up even the blandest pasta dish. Find out why this sun worshipper was more than happy to accept being landlocked for a bit!

Inti Raymi, Photo Credit - Cyntia Motta

Inti Raymi: A Whole New Way to Welcome the New Year in Bolivia…

In Andean cities such as Cusco and Copacabana June 24th marks an important day. The beginning of the New Year, also known as Inti Raymi, when offerings and thanks to mother earth are given at sunrise. For travelers it is an incredible opportunity to partake in an Incan celebration that still holds as much importance as it did 500 years ago. Backpacker Helen Davey tells us about her experience at Inti Raymi…

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