A Cosy Cottage Stay at Casa Lynda, Samaipata

A Cosy Cottage Stay at Casa Lynda, Samaipata

Casa Lynda in Samaipata offers a base for travellers looking to discover the rural side of Bolivia without sacrificing any homely comforts. There are rooms to suit all budgets, not to mention beautiful green spaces in which to relax and enjoy nature. This isn’t your usual backpacker accommodation but it is the treat you deserve! 

Casa Lynda sign
Casa Lynda is your home away from home in Samaipata!

Fantastic Host

Host and owner Lynda is a natural in this business. A former traveller and Canadian expat, she has all the knowledge of both a backpacker and local rolled into one! As well as being able to recommend activities in the area, she also has some great tips on getting the most out of your visit to Bolivia. 

Outside dining area at Casa Lynda
There are free drinking water refills for guests

Everything from communication to check-in is streamlined and efficient at Casa Lynda which is a refreshing change from the normal South American way of doing things. Lynda is always on hand for a chat and takes a real interest in her guests. This immediately makes you feel welcome and relaxed. 

Lynda has frequent communication with a tour agency in town who will notify her if people have reserved a tour for the following day. In this instance, she will notify guests by updating the notice board. All of the tour companies in Samaipata base their trip cost per person on the number of people signed up so this is a great way to bag a cheap excursion! 

Dog next to plant pot at Casa Lynda
Make friends with Shadow, one of Lynda’s rescue dogs!

Cosy Cottage Vibe

Staying at Casa Lynda makes it easy to forget that you are backpacking in Bolivia. This cute little cottage with a lush green garden is reminiscent of something from a Lewis Carroll novel! Lynda’s place is small, comprising just five rooms but this only adds to the ‘home away from home’ feel.

It is evident that Lynda takes a huge amount of pride in her project and is constantly thinking about ways in which she can serve her guests better. As such, all of the rooms are clean and well maintained.

Two beds in a room at Casa Lynda
Clean and well-maintained rooms at Casa Lynda.

Feel Close to Nature

The beautiful green space at Casa Lynda only adds to the fairytale feel. There are a couple of areas in the garden for relaxing and flowers inject some vibrant colour into the scenery. As well as Lynda’s pair of rescue dogs, she also has two cats who you can befriend!

The garden at Casa Lynda in Samaipata
Casa Lynda has a beautiful garden to relax in!

Like any good South American hangout, the garden features a hammock for lazing. Even better, owing to the abundance of flowers in the garden, Samaipata’s resident hummingbirds flock to the area regularly. This is a wonderful and peaceful escape from the hustle of the nearest city, Santa Cruz. 

Economy to Luxury

Although it is small, Casa Lynda boasts a wide range of options for guests. The most budget-friendly contains a private bunk bed with shared bathroom and costs from 140 bolivianos per night (based on two people sharing). 

Bunk beds at Casa Lynda
The bunks are comfy and kind to those on a budget!

The high-end option allows visitors to rent an entire cabaña, complete with double bed, ensuite bathroom and spacious living area. The price for this begins at 250 bolivianos per night. 

Owing to bus times, it is possible that you may arrive in Samaipata in the early hours of the morning. In this instance, it is important to communicate this with Lynda prior to your arrival. If there is availability, it is possible to arrange an early check-in for just half of the daily rate. 

Bed and sofa in a cabaña at Casa Lynda
The cabaña is a touch of luxury for a backpacker!

A healthy breakfast is offered for a cost of 30 bolivianos per person and includes a fresh fruit salad, natural yoghurt, granola, toast, jam and either tea or coffee. There is also free water refills for guests. 

Reserve a room at Casa Lynda on booking.com. 

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