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Mbeju with cocido

Food in Paraguay – 10 Must-Try Dishes!

When it comes to food, Paraguay is often overlooked. However, Paraguayan cuisine is flavourful, exciting and very varied! Check out these must-try dishes on your visit!

South American beers

11 Must-Try South American Beers

If your fancy yourself as a bit of a booze connoisseur, check out these must-try South American beers. With craft beer in Chile to football favourites in Argentina, you’ll find something lip smacking here!

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

These awesome bars in Buenos Aires are home to good vibes! Whether you’re looking for a trendy wine bar or craft beer is more your thing, make sure you hit up some of these places!

Argentinian empanadas

A Guide To Argentinian Empanadas

The Argentinian empanada has long been a staple throughout the country. Each region has its own version of this classic snack and the best thing is that they usually cost under a dollar to buy on the street. Discover more about empanadas in Argentina in our guide….

Peruvian fruit

Delicious Fruits From Peru You Should Try!

When it comes to unique tastes, visitors should not miss sampling a variety of Peruvian fruit. With sweet treats and sour citrus options, you’re bound to find something refreshing!

Bolivian Food: South America’s Overlooked Cuisine

Bolivian Food: 22 Must-Try Dishes!

Whilst Bolivian food is less known than that of its neighbours, there are still plenty of delicious dishes and snacks that you must try!

11 Mouth-Watering Peruvian Drinks

11 Mouth-Watering Peruvian Drinks

The Pisco Sour might be Peru’s national drink but there is far more to the country’s drink scene than that! Here are our pick of the top Peruvian drinks that you can’t live the country without trying!

Yerba Mate: South America’s Most Social Drink

Yerba Mate: South America’s Most Social Drink

Drinking yerba mate is a social and cultural ritual with a long history throughout South America. With so many rules to remember, it is easy to screw up. Read on for everything you need to know about mate!

Peruvian cuisine

Top 23 Peruvian Foods That You NEED to Try!

A foodies paradise! Peru is celebrated as having one of the most exciting gastronomical scenes in the world. And the best news for backpackers is that it’s cheap, not restricted to fancy restaurants and there is a huge variety of healthy, delicious dishes that could having you trying something new every day of your trip!

Top South American Drinks to Try on Your Trip!

Top South American Drinks to Try on Your Trip!

Soda the flavor of bubble gum. Tea made out of the highly controversial coca plant. Strong local spirits flavored with Anise. Find yourself thirsty in South America and you’ve clearly got no need to fret! We give you a list of the TOP 21 DRINKS to guzzle down!

The Origin of Ceviche: The History of Peru’s National Dish 

The Origin of Ceviche – Peru’s National Dish

Ceviche or cebiche is Peru’s most iconic dish. The origin of ceviche is hard to pinpont and regional variations appear all over Latin America. You’ve tried the dish, now learn the history behind it!

Best Street Food to Try in South America

The Best Street Food to Try in South America

Empanadas! Ceviche! Sopapillas! We all know that eating is one of the best parts of travel. Better yet when the food is delicious and cheap! We present our top 21 South American street food treats to sink your teeth into! Que delicioso!

Coffee in South America - From Beans to Cup!

Coffee in South America – From Beans to Cup!

South America produces some of the world’s best coffee and is a must-visit continent for all caffeine lovers! Learn about coffee production in South America and experience the best of the continent’s coffee without spending loads of money at overpriced gringo cafes.

A Taste of Bolivia with La Boca del Sapo Cooking Class

A Taste of Bolivia with La Boca del Sapo Cooking Class

Bolivia is not generally known for its gastronomy but that is something that is sure to change. During our time in Sucre, we headed out to cooking school La Boca del Sapo to create the famous Mondongo Chuquisaqueno dish.

Tantalise your tastebuds with Cusco Culinary! 

A Taste of Peru with Cusco Culinary Cooking Class!

Peru may well be the foodie capital of South America. With so much of the continent being known for stodgy carbs and deep fried food, Peru offers a much-needed change for the traveller looking to expand their palate! This country boasts 3000 species of potato and 55 varieties of corn, surely there is no better place to do a cooking class!?


Discovering Chile Through its Food…

While not usually garnering the culinary acclaim reaped upon the hybridization of Peru or the asados of Argentina, Chilean food ranges in variety from the arid Atacama desert in the north to the perfect Patagonian peaks of the south. Traditional food mostly caters to workers and can be traced to humble origins, which results in ample quantities of tastiness at great value. Traveller, Max Nathanson takes us on a foodie journey through Chile…

A Bunch Of Grapes On The Vine

The Perfect Day of Cycling and Wine Tasting in Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

It seems ridiculous to go to Argentina and not sample some wine. The country is renowned for its Malbec, so ordering a glass of the red stuff to wash down your thick slab of steak is surely a rite of passage. Traveler Helen Davey discovers the perfect day trip as she cycles from one vineyard to the next, sampling Mendoza’s finest in the hot sunshine…

Buen Provecho Sucre: The Culinary Capital of Bolivia

Unknown to many, the colonial city of Sucre in Bolivia is a food-lover’s heaven, where backpackers can enjoy a Top Class four course meal for less than $4 US! Colonial influence has brought German, French and Belgian cuisine; some incredible edible delights for vegetarians and not forgetting the street food in the local market, as well as buzzing night life! RTW traveller Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin went on a culinary exploration of the ‘White City of the Americas’ to see what has hungry backpackers sweet on Sucre.

Cacao Beans Roasting In A Pan

Cultivating Cacao on an Organic Farm in Ecuador

Recently traveler Shakia Stewart dove into the world of chocolate to learn everything she could about the process from cocoa bean to bar. She made sure to sample plenty, but also saved time to document the process for all of you curious chocolate loving backpackers out there…

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