Peru – One Month Itinerary

Ausangate Hillside in the Peruvian Andes with Snow on The Mountain Tops  

Updated October 22nd, 2018.

The Best of Peru: One Month Adventure!

Week One:

START IN MANCORA: Traveling into the country via Ecuador means that you will pass through Peru’s beach haven, Mancora. Expect to party hard, eat well, and surf with the best of them! Stay for three nights, before you continue your travels south.

ONE NIGHT IN TRUJILLO: As you head south stop off for the night in archaeologically blessed Trujillo. Pick a Moche or Chimu temple to explore (options include Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol y la Luna, or La Bruja). Spend the afternoon in the nearby beach town of Huanchaco drinking a beer as the sun sets.

Trujillo church
Church in Trujillo, Peru.

GET HARDCORE IN HUARAZ: Travel inland a bit to the world’s second highest mountain range. Base yourself in town and take off daily for incredible hikes into the Cordillera Blanca. Or if you’re feeling adventurous sign up for the epic four day three night Santa Cruz trek! Stay in Huaraz a total of three to five nights, depending on how fit your calves feel!

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Week Two:

OFF TO LIMA: Head 6 hours south of Huaraz to Lima, the capital city of Peru. Stay in either Miraflores or Barranco and sample as much of the gastronomical scene as you can. We recommend two to three nights in order to take in as many of the museums, restaurants, and nightlife as you can.

DOWN TO HUACACHINA: Huacachina, a place guaranteed to blow your mind. Spend two nights staying at this oasis in the desert, roll down sand dunes, surf the sandy peaks, and maybe squeeze in a wine tour in nearby Ica!

Week Three:

OVER TO AREQUIPA: Eight hours away lies Peru’s sophisticated city of Arequipa. Give yourself at least three nights here, making sure to squeeze in a trekking adventure in the nearby Colca Canyon, the second biggest canyon in the world.

Colca Canyon
The incredible Colca Canyon, Peru.

GET HIGH IN PUNO: Located at 3,800 meters this altiplano city will take your breath away. The city of Puno doesn’t offer much to impress, so book it to Lake Titicaca. Take a one night/ two day tour which includes a stop at the Uros floating islands and a homestay on either Taquile or Amantani island (we prefer Taquile, so see if you can book with an agency that places you here for the night).

Week Four:

OVERLAND TO CUSCO: Cusco is the kind of place you are not going to want to leave, so give yourself a good week to explore the city and the surrounding area. Make time to see Machu Picchu (or better yet, if time allows trek here), the nearby Sacred Valley, the plethora of ruins around the area, and schedule in some time to party and eat in the city itself!

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BACK TO LIMA: Trek back to Lima, where you can either catch a flight home or plan onward travel!

Optional, Week Five:

IF YOU STILL HAVE TIME, HEAD TO IQUITOS: Iquitos is the largest city in the world only accessible by boat or plane. If you still have time add this city into your Peruvian itinerary. Fly from Lima to the jungle city, use Iquitos as your base for adventures into the Amazon. Travel down the Amazon river to spot pink river dolphins, meet local communities, or if you’re into it, possibly try the local hallucinogenic, ayahuasca, and see where it takes you!


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