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Street Art Cartagena, Colombia

Is Cartagena Safe? Safety Guide for Cartagena, Colombia

Is Cartagena safe? It is a common concern of tourists visiting the queen of the Caribbean coast. This article will answer all of your burning questions about staying safe in the city and how you to get the most out of your visit!

What are the safest South American countries to travel to?

The Safest South American Countries in 2023

South America is generally safe to travel but there is no disputing that some countries are safer than others. We delved into the Global Peace Index to help put this article about the safest South American countries together.

The Best Travel Money Belts - Keeping Safe on the Road!

The Best Travel Money Belts – Keeping Safe on the Road!

Many backpackers in South America worry about theft and the safety of their valuables but there are plenty of money belts out there to give you peace of mind. We compare the best travel money belts in this post to help you keep your valuables protected!

South America money

Cheapest South American Countries to Visit

Knowing the cheapest countries in South America can really help you to plan your trip and work out your budget. In this article, we compare prices of the essentials and catch up with our community to find out the cheapest country in South America to backpack.

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Which Countries in South America Speak Spanish?

There are nine Spanish speaking countries in South America which is great for backpackers on longer trips. A basic grasp of the language is bound to help you as you backpack your way around the continent!

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia safe to travel? It is a question we get asked a lot, especially by solo travellers. Generally, the answer is yes but Colombia is still a country where you have to remain vigilant. Here are our top tips for staying safe.

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

Heading to South America and want to brush up on your Spanish? Watching Spanish movies is a great way to hone your language skills.

Safety Tips for Travelling in South America

Is South America safe? We think so, however, travel here does require a bit of common sense and savviness. These South America safety tips will tell you everything that you need to know.

Vaccinations for South America: Make Sure You’re Prepared!

Vaccinations for South America: Make Sure You’re Prepared!

Prepare for your next trip by researching the mandatory and recommended vaccinations for South America travel. You should allow at least a month to get your required jabs in your home country prior to jetting off. This guide will help you to work out which vaccinations you need for your adventure!

Backpackers in South America

South America Packing List – Everything You Need To Take!

With so many seasons and climates to consider, a backpacking trip around South America can be super difficult to plan for! We know this and we’ve compiled the ultimate packing list to make preparing for your backpacking trip that little bit easier!

A Man Uses His Tablet In An Incredible Setting

8 Tips for Being a Tech-Savvy Traveler in South America

While many travellers feel burdened by the influence of technology during their travels, I do not. Although the skill of manoeuvring through a city with no help from technology nor any knowledge of the local language is pretty thrilling, we are actually being quite inefficient with our use of time. Here are some apps and technologies that will help you get the most out of your travels through South America without sacrificing the joys of adventure. These technologies should actually help you find more adventure!


Saving For Your Next Trip? Make Money From Selling Souvenirs From Your Travels!

Traveling is addictive. If you’re anything like us, as soon as you get home, you start planning your next adventure! The only thing that tends to stop you, is cash for a plane ticket! Perhaps one of the easiest way to make some quick money when you get back home is to sell off some of the weird and wonderful souvenirs you have picked up on your travels. In this interesting article, The Broke Backpacker tells us how to do it!


The Broke Backpacker’s 7 Secrets To Travelling On A Budget

When it comes to travelling the world on a budget, ‘The Broke Backpacker’, (Will Hatton), one of the first South America Backpacker Ambassadors, knows a thing or two! He’s certainly not broke any more, thanks, no doubt, to the mindset that he laid out for us here.

Graffiti that says "todo bien" in Bogota

Learning Spanish in Montañita, Ecuador

Explorer Tyler Protano-Goodwin ponders the question; can you really call yourself a traveler without language? With a desire to brush up on her Spanish skills and connect more to South American culture Tyler enrolls in language classes at the Montañita Spanish School in Ecuador.

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