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South America facts

21 Surprising Facts About South America

These fun facts about South America will blow your mind! From the highest mountain in Argentina to the longest ever driveable road, there is plenty to learn with these facts!

South American dances

10 Beautiful Dances from South America

South America is alive with dance and each country has its own famous style. Whether you’re a samba fan or prefer to get lost watching the tango, we guarantee that you’ll be captivated by these South American dances.

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

24 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

Heading to South America and want to brush up on your Spanish? Watching Spanish movies is a great way to hone your language skills.

A Mural Seen on the Cochabamba Bike Art Tour, Bolivia

Discover the Cochabamba Street Art Scene, Bolivia

The street art in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is truly a sight to behold. We took a bike tour around the city to learn the stories behind the incredible works that decorate the walls of Bolivia’s food capital.

A man sits on a ledge of a heavily graffitied wall in Bogotá

From Ancient Gold Sculptures to Graffiti: A Thriving Art Culture in Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia was the biggest surprise of my trip to South America. The food, the culture and the people were amazing and an unlikely graffiti tour through the streets of the capital ended up being one of the highlights of my trip… One backpacker tells us about his cram-packed four day visit to the culturally-rich city!

Graffiti in Valparaíso, Chile.

Why I Fell In Love With Valparaiso, Chile

Just a 90-minute drive from the capital of Santiago, this gritty but enchanting city was one of Chiles best kept secrets until recently. Valparaiso is packed top to bottom with its own unique but enchanting personality. Nobel prize winning poet, and native Valparaisian Pablo Neruda described the city better than anyone: ‘Valparaiso, how absurd you are…you haven’t combed your hair, you’ve never had time to get dressed, life has always surprised you’. Travel writer Carrie Alice- Patrick tells us just why this ‘absurd’ city is so captivating.

Rio De Janeiro in the mist

Beaches, Beef, and Babes… Getting Comfortable in Rio!

The World Cup 2014, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, starts this week meaning most of the world has got Brazil on the brain. Travel writer and enthusiast, Jennifer Seiser, was lucky to be in Rio this February for Carnival and gives us the inside scoop of how to get comfortable in this larger than life location. A must read for anyone headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this month!

Inti Raymi, Photo Credit - Cyntia Motta

Inti Raymi: A Whole New Way to Welcome the New Year in Bolivia…

In Andean cities such as Cusco and Copacabana June 24th marks an important day. The beginning of the New Year, also known as Inti Raymi, when offerings and thanks to mother earth are given at sunrise. For travelers it is an incredible opportunity to partake in an Incan celebration that still holds as much importance as it did 500 years ago. Backpacker Helen Davey tells us about her experience at Inti Raymi…

I Came Here For the Rhythm, Embracing Dance in South America

You come to South America and are instantly met with energy, a buzzing rhythm that pulses down the city streets. Your only option is to jump in and dance, standing on the sidelines and watching as the party carries on without you simply isn’t an option. Traveler and writer Joey Bilyk introduces us to the feeling of South America through it’s dance culture.

A view across Medellin from high up

The Truth about Colombia – A Day on Medellin’s Free Real City Walking Tour

Colombia is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood countries on the planet, a place that has gotten it’s fame from violence, drugs, and extreme tragedy. As travelers passing through this incredible country we yearned to know the truth, to understand the past and appreciate all the progress that Colombia has made. So, we joined the city of Medellin’s free walking tour in order to learn as much as we could.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes on the wall of his home in Aracataca

Colombia is Magical Realism, a Journey with Tim Buendia to Aracataca-Macondo

Tim Buendia a Dutch artist and expert on all things Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been leading groups through the famed authors hometown for years. Taking the seemingly dusty town of Aracataca, Colombia and transforming it into Macondo the famous setting from “100 Years of Solitude.” As we got lost in between the stories and realities of the town we realized the true power that lies in getting to know the places that we travel to.

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