People in Patagonia

The Perfect Patagonia Packing List

Looking for a Patagonia packing list? You’re in the right place! We break down travel essentials for Patagonia, so you can focus on hiking!

21 Fun Facts About Argentina

21 Fun Facts About Argentina

Did you know, Argentina’s national sport is not football but pato?! This article is full of facts about Argentina you may not know..

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 7 Bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina

These awesome bars in Buenos Aires are home to good vibes! Whether you’re looking for a trendy wine bar or craft beer is more your thing, make sure you hit up some of these places!

Argentinian empanadas

A Guide To Argentinian Empanadas

The Argentinian empanada has long been a staple throughout the country. Each region has its own version of this classic snack and the best thing is that they usually cost under a dollar to buy on the street. Discover more about empanadas in Argentina in our guide….

Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina

The Alternative Perito Moreno Glacier Tour!

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the emblematic features of Argentinian Patagonia. Our writer Laura made sure she saw it in style! Read about her experience on the alternative tour with Patagonia Backpackers!

On the Trail of the Seven Lakes in Patagonia, Argentina

Probably the most popular thing to do while visiting Patagonia is the seven lakes trail that goes from Bariloche to San Martin de Los Andes and is roughly 100 km. Showing off landscapes of infinite mountains covered with snow and trees, surrounded by pristine blue-and-turquoise lakes, as well as a surprisingly pumping party scene, it’s a must for backpackers in Argentina!

The Buenos Aires Skyline At Night

How Buenos Aires Got Under My Skin…

It was the steak that did it. It wasn’t the first steak I’ve ever had. But it was the first time I really got how good steak can be. Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, every mouthful packed with flavour… and I don’t even like meat that much. Then came the wine…

A Bunch Of Grapes On The Vine

The Perfect Day of Cycling and Wine Tasting in Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

It seems ridiculous to go to Argentina and not sample some wine. The country is renowned for its Malbec, so ordering a glass of the red stuff to wash down your thick slab of steak is surely a rite of passage. Traveler Helen Davey discovers the perfect day trip as she cycles from one vineyard to the next, sampling Mendoza’s finest in the hot sunshine…

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