Areguá, Paraguay – Backpacking Guide

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Areguá is a peaceful lakeside city in Paraguay, known for its pottery and strawberry products. Historic cobblestone streets and colonial architecture add to the city’s charm, while the unique rock formations of Cerro Koi and the tranquil Ypacaraí Lake offer a respite for nature lovers. 

It’s a small town with plenty of unique and interesting places to visit. If you love visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations with plenty of history and culture to discover, Areguá is an excellent place to visit during your trip to Paraguay.

Areguá, Paraguay – Budget Travel Guide

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Best Time to Visit Areguá 

Areguá is beautiful all year round, and it’s safe to say there’s no bad time of year to visit. January through March delivers hot and humid days with occasional rain showers, typical of Paraguay’s summer months. 

Areguá experiences its coolest temperatures of the year between June and August, with a mix of cool sunny days and foggy wet days. Spring and fall are great times to visit for moderate weather.

Areguá is famous for its Strawberry Expo, a seasonal event where vendors sell fresh strawberries and strawberry products. If you’re hoping to catch the expo during your visit, go in July or August.

Strawberry stand_(3)
Delicious strawberry empanadas!

Where to Stay in Areguá 

Areguá is a small town, with only a few accommodation options in the city. You can choose from a couple of areas to stay, whether you want to be close to the center of town, or in a more rural area.

  • City center – There are several hostel and boutique hotel options here. If you choose to stay in this area, you’ll be close to restaurants, the lake, and historical buildings. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re planning on getting around on foot, since it’s close to everything.
  • Outside the city – Here you’ll find accommodations for larger groups and hostels with bigger properties. You’ll be farther from restaurants and other places of interest, but you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and quiet rural areas of Areguá. Choose to stay outside the city center if you prefer to be close to nature and away from more populated areas.

Best Hostels in Areguá 

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Granja Mi Retiro

Located in the Costa Fleitas neighborhood in Areguá, Granja Mi Retiro is a bed and breakfast away from the city center. They have individual bungalows with different room options depending on how many people you’re traveling with. Breakfast is included, and there are two pools and plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the natural surroundings. Guest reviews say it’s a great place to get away and relax.

Lago Ypacaraí
There are several accommodation options on the outskirts of the city too.

La Candelaria Hotel Boutique

A charming little hotel with reasonably priced rooms, La Candelaria is a favorite among Areguá’s visitors. The hotel pays homage to the city’s culture and history, with references to the old train station and a museum with relics from the time of Paraguay’s Triple Alliance War. Each room is unique, decorated with locally-made handicrafts and art. Guests love the hotel’s aesthetic and its restaurant.

Vacaciones Areguá Casa Pablo and Casa Vanessa 

A small vacation rental with two different apartments available, Casa Pablo, and Casa Vanessa. A cheap, no-fuss option for accommodations located just outside of Areguá’s city center, and about a block away from the entrance to Cerro Koi. It has a pool and a small kitchen but doesn’t provide breakfast. Reviewers say that the hosts are very friendly and helpful, and the property is a peaceful place to enjoy.

Things to Do in Areguá, Paraguay

1. Enjoy a Visit to the Waterfront

Take a walk around the waterfront and enjoy a pretty view of the Ypacaraí Lake. The pier is an ideal picture spot, and there are plenty of benches where you can sit and take in the view. There’s a small circuit you can walk or bike around, some workout equipment, and a playground for kids. Keep an eye out for wildlife, like the Southern lapwing bird, or ‘tero-tero’, as it’s known locally. 

Waterfront argue
The waterfront is a nice area to chill in Areguá.

2. Visit Areguá’s Historical Buildings

The historical architecture and cobbled streets of Areguá are a big part of its charm. So why not spend a day visiting some of the historical buildings and getting to know the city’s past? 

Visit the Iglesia Virgen de la Candelaria, a church built in 1862 which sits high on the hill in Areguá’s city center. Or see the Castillo Carlota Palmerola, a medieval-style castle built in 1897 that now serves as both a convent and a museum for the public. 

3. Visit the Cultural Center and Shop for Local Pottery

At Areguá’s cultural center, Centro Cultural del Lago, you’ll get a chance to see Paraguayan art and learn about the city’s history. They have different exhibits featuring local artists, with pieces including paintings, photography, and woven baskets. 

Pottery for sale in aregua, Paraguay
A range of pottery is on sale throughout the city.

They also display indigenous art and handicrafts. But pottery is the star in Areguá, and the city is home to a number of skilled potters who sell their wares in stands and stores throughout the city. After visiting the Cultural Center and learning about the craft, pick up a small pot or decoration as a souvenir.

4. Learn About the History of Telecommunication in Paraguay

The Estación Terrena was once the telecommunication center for Paraguay, with state-of-the-art (for its time) antennas and other technology. It allowed Paraguay to communicate with the outside world by means of technology. 

Now, it’s a museum where people go to learn about the history of telecommunications in Paraguay. Starting with the 1860s and the telegraph system, the museum walks you through the technological advances in the country. If you’re into technology and history, be sure to visit this unique museum!

5. Hike Cerro Koi

Cerro Koi is a small mountain where you can hike and appreciate Areguá’s natural scenery. The park is a protected area and natural monument because of its unique rock formations, which are said to be found in only three countries in the world. 

Cerro koi rock formations_(1)
The unique rock formations at Cerro Koi.

The columnar sandstone’s striking red color against the lush green vegetation provides a spectacular view, and the lookout point at the top of the hill gives you a panorama of Areguá and the Ypacaraí Lake.

Lookout over Areguá Cerro koi_(4)
Views from the lookout point.

6. Eat Delicious Locally-Grown Strawberries

Areguá is famous for its strawberry production. Juicy, delicious red strawberries are the perfect treat to enjoy after hiking Cerro Koi or to take with you on a visit to Ypacaraí Lake. 

During the Strawberry Expo, Aregua’s streets are lined with strawberry vendors selling baskets of fresh fruit, liquor, pastafrola, jam, and more strawberry-flavored desserts. The local favorite is a cup of strawberries with whipped cream.

Food and Drink in Areguá 

In Areguá, you can try all of Paraguay’s typical dishes, including milanesa, chipa guazu, empanadas, and asado (that’s barbecue). But the city is famous for its locally grown strawberries. During strawberry season, you can find sweet strawberry treats for sale in street-side stands and stores.

Here are a few restaurants, stands, and cafés to try during your stay.


This café restaurant is open all day and has plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve many of Paraguay’s most popular dishes, like mandi’o chyryry (an egg scramble with yucca), empanadas, barbecued meats and sausage, and surubí (a type of fish) soup. 

El Frutillero

One of many roadside strawberry stands where you can buy strawberry liqueur, pastries, dessert cups of strawberries with whipped cream, and the fresh fruit itself. This isn’t the only strawberry stand though. The other stands also offer delicious fruit and strawberry treats, so feel free to buy from any of the city’s vendors.

Strawberry stand_(1)
El Fruitillero will have you coming back again and again!

La Escondida

Head to La Escondida if you’re looking for a place with a cool atmosphere where you can get drinks, burgers, pizza, barbecue, and more. Just be prepared, it can get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights!

Getting Around Areguá 

To get around Areguá, you can take the bus, walk, or rent a bike. The city is hilly, so be prepared for a workout if you choose to get around by foot or bike. The bus can get you to all the main attractions. You can also try Uber or Bolt to catch a ride if you need to get somewhere farther off the beaten path.

How to Get to Areguá 

If you’re traveling to Paraguay by plane, you’ll arrive at the Silvio Pettirossi Airport in Luque, about 15 kilometers from Areguá. You can easily catch a bus, taxi, or Uber to get to Areguá from the airport. 

Pier Waterfront park
Areguá is easy to get around on foot – if you don’t mind sweating a bit!

Where to Go Next:

San Bernardino: Areguá’s neighbor across the lake, San Bernardino is another city where you can enjoy Ypacaraí Lake, with a beautiful waterfront and picture-perfect picnic spots. It’s a popular tourist destination, so there are plenty of restaurants and accommodations, as well as fun adventure activities.

Itauguá: The City of Ñanduti shares a border with Areguá, and the famous Strawberry Expo stretches between the two cities. Visit Itauguá to shop for beautiful locally-made ñanduti embroidery, hike Cerro Patiño, or enjoy a performance of traditional Paraguayan music and dance.

Asunción: A trip to Paraguay wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the country’s capital. Experience Paraguay’s culture, learn about its history and try the best of its cuisine in Asunción. There’s something for everyone here, from fishing in the Paraguay River to shopping in the city’s trendy malls.

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