Paraguarí, Paraguay – Backpacking Guide

View of Paraguari from Cerro Hú

Paraguarí is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The small city, nestled in the hills of Paraguay, is located just 70 kilometers from the country’s capital, Asunción. The area is home to rivers, waterfalls, green forests, and hills. 

Backpackers will love the untouched natural areas, like the Mbatoví Eco Reserva as well as the outdoor activities like trekking. Hike to the top of Cerro Hú or Cerro Santo Tomás for breathtaking views you won’t forget! 

Paraguarí, Paraguay – Budget Travel Guide

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Best Time to Visit Paraguarí

There’s no bad time of year to visit Paraguarí. You can enjoy the views, rivers, and waterfalls at any time of year. However, you might want to avoid the colder winter months as there are fewer hours of daylight to enjoy hiking. The peak summer months can be unbearably hot too – not ideal for physical activity outside.

The best times to visit Paraguarí are from August to November and March to June. During these months, the weather in Paraguay is typically at its mildest and perfect for spending time outdoors. 

View of Paraguari from Cerro Hú(18)
August to November and March to June are the best months to visit Paraguarí.

Where to Stay in Paraguarí

Wherever you stay in Paraguarí, you’ll be surrounded by trees, wildlife, and hills. While it’s a small place, there are a few different areas where you can stay. Here are the top options:

  • The City Center 

If you prefer to have restaurants, pharmacies, and markets close by, stay in Paraguarí’s city center. It’s not a huge place but it has all the necessities. You’ll also be close to the Cerro Perõ Park, where you can walk around the hill, take a picture with the “Yo <3 Paraguarí” sign, and check out the lookout point.

  • Mbatovi

The Mbatovi area is the ideal place to stay if you want to be immersed in green forests alongside the wildlife of Paraguarí during your stay. The Mbatoví Eco Reserva has options and there are also several cabins and posadas to stay at in the area.

  • Chololo

Chololo is a small town next to Paraguarí, and while it’s not as well known, it’s a great place to stay while visiting the area. The natural forests, rivers, and waterfalls make for a peaceful backdrop to your vacation, and you’ll still be right next to Paraguarí’s hills.

Best Hostels in Paraguarí

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Pedazo de Cielo

About 16 kilometers away from Paraguarí’s city center, you’ll find Pedazo de Cielo, which means “piece of sky” in Spanish. They have different cabins and lofts available to stay in, as well as pools, hiking, and other activities. The highlight here is the amazing view from the hilltops of the city below. 

View of Paraguari from Cerro Hú(5)
Looking down over Paraguarí from Cerro Hú.

Posada Turística Don Tomas

Located near the city center just a few blocks from Route 1, Posada Turística Don Tomás has eight comfortable, modern rooms where you can stay during your visit. Some highlights of a stay here include the delicious breakfast and the spacious patio. The rooms have air conditioning and there’s a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a barbecue for guests to use. 

Jasy Hostal

An affordable family-friendly hostel located in Paraguarí’s center. Rooms are equipped with a few kitchen basics to prepare your own food, which is useful as they don’t provide breakfast. It’s a comfortable relaxing place to stay at an accessible price.

Hotel Paraguarí

Hotel Paraguarí Is a small affordable hotel with all the basics. It’s conveniently located on a main road across the street from Frutería Paraguarí, a market that sells fresh fruit, vegetables, empanadas, ice cream, and more. The rooms are small, and reviewers mention that the pool isn’t always available. But they also say that the staff is very friendly and the accommodations are comfortable and conveniently located.

Cabaña Brisas Paraguarí

If you’re looking for a place to stay with the family, in a group, or as a couple, Cabaña Brisas is the perfect choice. This rustic cabin has plenty of space for up to four people to stay, and outside there’s a patio with a dining table and barbecue, a Paraguayan hammock, a pool, and a beautiful garden. They also have bicycles for guests to use and a playground for the little ones. The gorgeous views of the hills and greenery add to the peaceful atmosphere. Guests love the natural surroundings and friendly service.

Things to Do in Paraguarí

1. Hike Cerro Hú

Paraguarí’s tallest and most striking mountain is undoubtedly Cerro Hú. The steep rocky climb to the top isn’t for the faint of heart, but the impressive panoramic views from the summit make it worth the climb. 

View of Paraguari from Cerro Hú(1)
Amazing views from Cerro Hu.

If you’re not in a rush to climb down after making the trek, there are campgrounds where you can stay at the top and enjoy a gorgeous sunrise over Paraguarí. Cerro Hú is located in an ecological park that has parking, a kid’s playground, sports fields, and a two-kilometer walking path.

2. Go on an Adventure at Eco Reserva Mbatoví

The Eco Reserva Mbatoví is a must-see for visitors to Paraguarí. The beauty of untouched nature is on full display at this eco-reserve park. You’ll hike, climb, and zipline through forests, rivers, and hills on a guided eco-adventure. 

The adventure is suitable for anyone in good physical condition and doesn’t require any prior experience or training. The activities include a two-kilometer hike, four suspension bridges, two ziplines, and a 40-meter rappel. You can also stay in the park if you’re looking for a getaway in nature.

3. Spend a Day by the Water 

Just outside Paraguarí is the small town of Chololo, where you can go to cool off in the river. There are plenty of waterfalls in the area to enjoy as well. 

Take a picnic or cook Paraguayan barbecue by the riverside and spend a day relaxing and enjoying the refreshing water. In most parts of the river, and streams that branch out from it, the water is shallow and you can find small swimming holes to take a dip in. You can also camp in the area. 

4. Trek Cerro Santo Tomás 

Paraguarí is a hiker’s paradise, and Cerro Santo Tomas is one of its best hikes. While the trail is a bit steep in some areas, it’s considered a medium difficulty level. Everyone who visits agrees that the views are well worth the sweaty hike! 

Hiking cerro Hú_
Outdoor enthusiasts will love exploring Paraguarí.

If you’re a photographer, bring your camera along to get shots of gorgeous greenery and the bird’s eye view of Paraguarí. The peak is about 400 meters tall, just a bit below Cerro Hu. 

5. Visit the Historical Paraguarí Train Station 

Although Paraguay is no longer home to an operating train system, many of the old train stations are still standing. In Paraguarí, you can visit the city’s old train station, which is now a historic building with a small museum. The small building is over 150 years old, and there you’ll find what remains of the equipment and objects used there in its time. 

While it’s not going to take you all day to tour the building and grounds, it’s a great place to visit for a few hours after hiking one of the nearby hills. There’s also a historic hotel that’s been converted into a bar, called La Vieja Estación Ruin Bar, where you can grab a beer and a bite after exploring the old station. 

Food and Drink in Paraguarí

In Paraguarí, you can try many of Paraguay’s typical dishes, like chipa, sopa, empanadas, and mbeju. And don’t forget to try Paraguay’s most famous drink, tereré. Here are a few restaurants and food stalls where you can grab a bite during your stay.

Chipa guazú
Don’t miss the opportunity to sample some chipa!
  • Frutería Paraguarí – A famous stop for travelers in Paraguarí, Frutería Paraguarí is a market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as prepared foods like empanadas. 
  • La Vieja Estación Ruin Bar – Near the historic train station, La Vieja Estación Ruin Bar is an old historic hotel that’s been converted into a restaurant. They serve pizza, barbecue, pasta, drinks, and more. The unique vibe and yummy food make it a great spot to grab a bite after you visit the old train station.
  • Ña Nilda Cafetería y Postres – Established in 1980, Ña Nilda is a popular café with both sweet and savory options for any time of day. It’s an ideal spot for brunch, with coffee, pastries, and typical Paraguayan foods like mbeju. 
  • Asadito’s Santo Tomás – A roadside stand where you can try a classic Paraguayan food, ‘asadito’, a skewer with barbecued beef or chicken. It’s typically eaten with yucca, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a cold beer.

Getting Around Paraguarí

Paraguarí is a small city, but a car is useful to get around, as some areas are more difficult to access. If you’re not renting a car during your trip, you can get around by bus. Paraguay’s bus system isn’t the most convenient, as you can’t find reliable bus schedules online or at bus stops. But you can always ask the driver or a local which bus to take.

Road to cerro hu
Bus transport is recommended for those with a basic level of Spanish!

How to Get to Paraguarí

To get to Paraguarí from Asunción, you can take an Uber, car, or bus. Bus travel is the most affordable option, and you can ask at the airport about the bus schedules. If you’re renting a car you can easily drive to Paraguarí, and as you approach the town you’ll enjoy a scenic drive. 

Paraguarí is about 70 kilometers from Asunción and there are a couple of different routes you can take to get there. Route 1 connects Asunción and Paraguarí directly, but you can also pass through Ypacaraí and Pirayú, depending on the traffic.

Where to Go Next:

San Bernardino: A laid-back lakeside town that’s a popular summer vacation spot with locals, SanBer has plenty to offer tourists. Go kayaking on Lake Ypacaraí, bike around the city, and watch the sunset over the water. 

Itauguá: The city of Ñanduti is rich in culture and history. Its location between Asunción and some of Paraguay’s rural areas makes it a great place to stay if you want to visit both the city and the countryside.

Asunción: Paraguay is home to many rural areas and natural wonders. But it also has a thriving city center, with all of the luxuries and comforts. In Asunción, you’ll find shopping malls, high-end restaurants, and entertainment. You can also visit some of the country’s most important historical sites and memorials.

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