Traditional Colombian dress

21 Cool Facts About Colombia

Did you know the Colombian national anthem legally has to be broadcast twice a day?! This article is full of facts about Colombia you may not know!

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia Safe to Travel?

Is Colombia safe to travel? It is a question we get asked a lot, especially by solo travellers. Generally, the answer is yes but Colombia is still a country where you have to remain vigilant. Here are our top tips for staying safe.

Cerro Kennedy, Colombia: DIY Trekking Guide

Cerro Kennedy, Colombia: DIY Trekking Guide

A remote spot that provides amazing views of the highest mountains in the country on the one side and the Caribbean coast on the other. If you love hiking, the mountains and camping, this is your perfect two-day adventure!

Punta Gallinas, Colombia: Adventure to the Most Northern Point of South America

Visiting the most Northern point of South America and a place where you can slide from a sand dune right into the Caribbean. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? However, tours can be expensive and there is little information about traveling to this incredible and remote region independently. That’s why we’re here to help with a detailed guide!

Casa en el Agua, Colombia.

Casa en el Agua, Colombia – A Hostel Encircled by Tropical Waters!

There are only few hostels that you end up staying while telling yourself… “This is unreal, I never want to leave!” Casa en el Agua is one of those. A little paradise located in the middle of the ocean, the hostel is the first and only one in the San Bernado Islands on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and a place you should put on your bucket list NOW…

A man sits on a ledge of a heavily graffitied wall in Bogotá

From Ancient Gold Sculptures to Graffiti: A Thriving Art Culture in Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia was the biggest surprise of my trip to South America. The food, the culture and the people were amazing and an unlikely graffiti tour through the streets of the capital ended up being one of the highlights of my trip… One backpacker tells us about his cram-packed four day visit to the culturally-rich city!

Exploring the Medellín Slums, Colombia

Brightly coloured graffiti rippled along the walls. Crowds of children played in the dappled sunlight threading it’s way through the streets. The shiny metal escalator loomed above me, leading upwards and into the slums of Medellin, a former war-zone. Just a decade ago this had been a very different place, gangs of youths armed with kalishnikovs and machetes had wandered the streets killing to control the drug trade. The police had been too scared to enter the slums…


Saving For Your Next Trip? Make Money From Selling Souvenirs From Your Travels!

Traveling is addictive. If you’re anything like us, as soon as you get home, you start planning your next adventure! The only thing that tends to stop you, is cash for a plane ticket! Perhaps one of the easiest way to make some quick money when you get back home is to sell off some of the weird and wonderful souvenirs you have picked up on your travels. In this interesting article, The Broke Backpacker tells us how to do it!

Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia – Chasing a Whisper into the Jungle!

It started with a whisper. A soft voice calling across the plains of Backpackistan. “Casa Elemento, you should go”. I first heard it in Guatemala, from a plumber by the name of Josh. “I spent five months there man, in the jungle, sleeping in a hammock; building, working, creating something”. I knew then that I would have to travel to this place to see it for myself…

A Small Raft in Leticia Colombia

Big Fish, Cold Beer & New Amigos in Leticia, Colombia

When Kristian told friends that he was traveling to more remote parts of Colombia on a backpacking trip, people thought he was crazy! ‘It’s too dangerous!’ They cried. During a solo adventure to Leticia, Colombia, a border town on the Mighty Amazon River where Brazil, Peru and Colombia meet in a humid, tropical and mosquito ridden union, Kristian discovers why people are so very wrong about this incredible country…

I Came Here For the Rhythm, Embracing Dance in South America

You come to South America and are instantly met with energy, a buzzing rhythm that pulses down the city streets. Your only option is to jump in and dance, standing on the sidelines and watching as the party carries on without you simply isn’t an option. Traveler and writer Joey Bilyk introduces us to the feeling of South America through it’s dance culture.

A view across Medellin from high up

The Truth about Colombia – A Day on Medellin’s Free Real City Walking Tour

Colombia is without a doubt one of the most misunderstood countries on the planet, a place that has gotten it’s fame from violence, drugs, and extreme tragedy. As travelers passing through this incredible country we yearned to know the truth, to understand the past and appreciate all the progress that Colombia has made. So, we joined the city of Medellin’s free walking tour in order to learn as much as we could.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes on the wall of his home in Aracataca

Colombia is Magical Realism, a Journey with Tim Buendia to Aracataca-Macondo

Tim Buendia a Dutch artist and expert on all things Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been leading groups through the famed authors hometown for years. Taking the seemingly dusty town of Aracataca, Colombia and transforming it into Macondo the famous setting from “100 Years of Solitude.” As we got lost in between the stories and realities of the town we realized the true power that lies in getting to know the places that we travel to.

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