La K Leta Guesthouse – Luxury on a Budget in the Galapagos Islands

La K Leta street Puerto Ayora Ecuador

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay in the Galapagos Islands, then look no further…

If I wanted to tell you all of the amazing things about staying at La K Leta Guesthouse, I really would be here all day. Let me sum it up for you instead… Beautiful open plan apartments with the most knowledgeable and helpful host you’ll ever come across. I guarantee that after a few nights of staying here, you’ll be asking to move in!


A world-class host

You can’t start a conversation about La K Leta Guesthouse and Apartments without mentioning the host and owner, Yogo. A walking encyclopaedia on all things Galapagos and Ecuador, what Yogo doesn’t know about his country is simply not worth knowing. From tips to help travellers get off the beaten tourist track to the best local eateries, Yogo knows it all.

He strives to provide a personal service for everyone staying with him and can speak both English and Spanish fluently. Hugely passionate about the environment and these special islands, Yogo excels in telling guests exactly what they need to consider in order to travel the Galapagos in a responsible manner. This results in well-informed visitors who are careful to respect the islands and the wildlife.


Useful information provided prior to your arrival

Yogo is keen to share his knowledge of the Galapagos Islands with his guests and this doesn’t start when they check in to La K Leta. After booking a stay, Yogo sends out a useful guide (written in both English and Spanish) to help travellers navigate their arrival on the islands. He not only explains how to get to his own accommodation but also details how to travel to the main town from San Cristobal airport.


Yogo sends visitors a link to a website he has created as well which includes all of the best attractions on the islands, a suggested packing list and tips for travelling responsibly. Having access to this kind of detailed information prior to arriving in the Galapagos, definitely aids with planning your itinerary and saves time organising on the islands!

A self-contained, luxury space

For many of us, the Galapagos Islands are a once in a lifetime location so why not splash out on a little bit of comfort while you’re there? An apartment at La K Leta offers guests their own living space, equipped with an open plan bedroom, sitting area, bathroom and kitchen.


The privacy that an apartment affords cannot be overstated. La K Leta is certainly a welcome change from cramped hostel dorms and earplugs! Even with this privacy, there is still the option to get to know the neighbours in a cute communal library area which joins the apartments.


The most beautiful thing about these properties is the small details which make your stay truly special. Yogo has pulled out all the stops to create beautiful Ecuadorian inspired spaces which can be seen in everything from the fabrics to the Galapagos themed tables.


On paper, these details could make the place tacky but in reality, they transform these living spaces into themed hubs of luxury.

A varied and filling breakfast

During your stay at La K Leta, breakfast is included every morning. Guests have the option to specify a time of their choosing to eat and Yogo hand delivers the spread directly to the apartment. A different breakfast is served every day and offers a mix of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine and international favourites. Breakfast is also accompanied by fresh fruit, juice and a particularly good coffee. Dietary requirements are requested on arrival.


A quiet yet convenient location

Situated in Puerto Ayora, a short walk from the fish market, La K Leta is in a convenient yet quiet location. The benefit of being off of the main strip is evident. There is no noise from the restaurants or bars so you can get an early night and be out first thing in the morning after an uninterrupted sleep.

The apartments are set back from the road so it is easy to forget you are close to a street at all. The top island attractions such as Tortuga Bay are all well within walking distance from the location and Yogo provides clear instruction and maps to help guests get their bearings.

La K Leta Guesthouse, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos

La K Leta is just a couple of minutes walk from the well-known food street Los Kioskos and the Mercado Municipal is only a few minutes further up the main road. Here you can eat like the locals and try some amazing empanadas for just $1US each!

Price and reservation

Prices for two person apartments start at $85 US per night. There is one stand-alone double room available at the property which begins at $65 US. You can check availability and book here on

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