Quilotoa Loop: A Guide to One of Ecuador’s Best Hikes!

Quilotoa Loop: A Guide to One of Ecuador’s Best Hikes!

For the past few weeks, backpacker and travel writer, Regina Röder has been hiking the trails and spending time with the indigenous communities of Guayama Grande, a small village close to the spectacular Laguna Quilotoa in the Ecuadorian Andes. Here she describes her unique experience getting to know the women of the community and what it taught her about harsh mountain life…

Unmissable Places to Visit in Ecuador

Unmissable Places to Visit in Ecuador

Heading to Ecuador and looking for the best places to visit? You’re in the right place! From the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands to the varied mainland, Ecuador has something for all travellers!

Biking the Unforgettable Ruta de las Cascadas in Baños, Ecuador

Biking Ruta de las Cascadas in Baños, Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador is the ultimate destination for adventure lovers, with an activity for every budget and adrenaline level. One thing you can’t miss in the area is biking the Ruta de Las Cascadas, or the Waterfall Route. The path follows the road from Baños to the town of Puyo, along the Río Pastaza canyon. The route leads you past 7 waterfalls, culminating in the mighty Pailón del Diablo, or Devil’s Cauldron.

Climbing Cotopaxi: Hiking Up & Biking Down!

Cotopaxi, Ecuador – Hiking & Biking Ecuador’s Famous Volcano!

Cotopaxi Volcano is Ecuador’s second largest volcano and the most popular for trekking. Climbing Cotopaxi has become somewhat of a bucket list activity for backpackers and day trips can be easily arranged from Quito. If you are taking on the almighty Cotopaxi, check out this post to help plan your hike!

Kayak Ecuador - transport

Kayaking Ecuador – There’s No Place Better Than Tena!

Tena is Ecuador’s hotspot for experienced and beginner kayakers alike! Keen to experience life on the river, South America Ambassadors Sheree and Tim headed to the city and arranged a taster kayak lesson with reputable company Kayak Ecuador. Read about their experience.

THostal Tena Naui Ecuador

Review: Hostal Tena Ñaui, Ecuador

With great private rooms for as low as $7 US, Hostal Tena Ñaui is one of the best budget options in Tena, Ecuador. Spectacular views of the city come free!

A Magical Stay with the Indigenous Tsachila People, Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Ecuador, is an industrial hub that draws few visitors, but in its outskirts lies an indigenous people struggling to survive the encroachment of modernization. The Tsachilas are best known for their knowledge of medicinal plants and use of the achiote seed in colouring their hair red. Only 2800 Tsachilas remain, and they comprise one of Ecuador’s 14 officially recognized nationalities. Traveller, Marina Wang visits one of their communities to find out more about their unique way of life…

A Sea Bird On The Galapagos Islands

Why a Trip to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is Worth Every Cent!

There were two classes of backpackers I met whilst travelling through Ecuador – those who agreed the Galapagos Islands were the highlight of their South America trip, and those who lamented they weren’t going because it was out of their budget… but “one day” they’d get there. Whilst it is true that a trip to Galapagos is bound to burst your budget bubble, I can with complete confidence tell any traveller – do it anyway. You know those “life-changing” travel destinations forcefully touted? Galapagos is it…

The Inspiring Intag Project: Volunteering in the Remote Cloud Forests of Ecuador

From a remote farm in the cloud forest in north-west Ecuador, Ned Cresswell has set up the Intag Project, a volunteer programme through which he hopes to introduce sustainable tourism to his local community. This is one backpacker’s experience volunteering with the Intag Project at Magdalena Primary School… TV and internet don’t reach here, and there is no hot water or, in many cases, electricity. Flashpackers need not apply.

Graffiti that says "todo bien" in Bogota

Learning Spanish in Montañita, Ecuador

Explorer Tyler Protano-Goodwin ponders the question; can you really call yourself a traveler without language? With a desire to brush up on her Spanish skills and connect more to South American culture Tyler enrolls in language classes at the Montañita Spanish School in Ecuador.

Cacao Beans Roasting In A Pan

Cultivating Cacao on an Organic Farm in Ecuador

Recently traveler Shakia Stewart dove into the world of chocolate to learn everything she could about the process from cocoa bean to bar. She made sure to sample plenty, but also saved time to document the process for all of you curious chocolate loving backpackers out there…


The Long Haul: Overland From Cuenca, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru

We recently traversed ‘the most dangerous border crossing in South America’ from Ecuador to Peru. What did we find? A whole lot of nothing, the process was actually quite easy. Read our account of the trip so that your experience is equally unspectacular!

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