South America Itineraries

Otavalo Lagoon deck

If you’re looking for a backpacking route for all South America click here.

Knowing how to make the most out of your South American adventure can be difficult. Not only is the continent enormous, you also have to tend with different climates, landscapes and languages. Knowing where to start on a continent filled with so many possibilities can be overwhelming! Don’t panic! We are here to help.

Our number one piece of advice?

The main piece of advice that is often given to new backpackers when they join our Facebook Community is: Don’t try to fit too many places into your South American itinerary! Do you only have one month to travel? Then please choose just one, or maximum two countries! Why? Bus journeys are incredibly loooong in South America and it really takes time to get under the skin of each country. You don’t want to be one of those tourists who just ticks off sights on a list, never really getting to know a place! Linger a while longer and absorb all of the amazing culture, history and nature that’s on offer. We promise you won’t regret it. 

Below, we’ve put together some epic one-month itineraries to help you to get the best out of each country.

P.S. If you’re after something on a bigger scale, minimum 3-6 months, we have designed three amazing South America backpacking routes for those of you who want to travel the entire continent. 

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