Esperanto Hostel – An Eco-Friendly Stay in Montañita, Ecuador

Beach view from Esperanto Hostel Montañita, Ecuador

Situated just moments from the beach in Montañita, Ecuador, Esperanto B&B Surf and Backpacker Hostel escapes the chaos of the town and the waves replace the bass as your morning soundtrack.

As its name might suggest, Esperanto Hostel is a place all about bringing people together. Evening activities such as barbecues and beer pong create the perfect environment in which to make friends but still keep a good balance between party and peace.

Esperanto Hostel Montañita, Ecuador
Esperanto B&B Surf and Backpacker Hostel, Montañita, Ecuador.

Activities at Esperanto Hostel, Montañita

Although Esperanto isn’t a mental party hostel, it is still a great place to meet like-minded people. As a traveller himself, owner Jorge, has put everything he has seen on the road into practice and created a hostel where it is truly a pleasure to stay!

Artistically crafted signboard of Esperanto Hostel Montañita, Ecuador
Welcome to Esperanto Hostel – Montañita, Ecuador.

Understanding the importance of a buzzing social scene, the folks at Esperanto Hostel always make sure something fun is going on. There are regular evening activities including barbecues and beer pong which definitely help to break the ice when getting to know your fellow backpackers. Activities are advertised throughout the day, giving you plenty of time to sign up if you are interested.

Free Breakfast and Tea & Coffee All Day

At Esperanto Hostel, backpackers can fill up their tummies before a day at the beach with their delicious, daily free breakfast. The ‘all you can eat’ breakfast consists of fresh fruit, several kinds of bread, oatmeal, as well as ‘all you can drink’ tea and coffee. The tea and coffee is available free all day. These kind of bonuses can really make a difference to the traveller on a budget. 

Amazing Location

Other than surfing, Montañita is known for its reputation as a crazy party town! With this in mind, it can be difficult to find a good place to stay where you can actually get some sleep!

Esperanto Hostel is situated in a prime spot on the outskirts of town, just mere minutes from the beach. This location allows it to be close to the restaurants and bars of the main strip but also far enough that you’re not going to be kept awake by loud thumping bass.

Esperanto Hostel provides information boards for guests' guidance on their rules. Montañita, Ecuador
Keep quiet at night! Info board for guests at Esperanto Hostel – Montañita, Ecuador.

Although Esperanto runs evening activities at the hostel, they close their outside communal areas at midnight (11 pm on a Sunday) which allows guests to get their rest before a long day on the waves. Being so close to the beach is a huge benefit of staying at Esperanto Hostel, not only is it convenient for surfing but the hostel balconies lend themselves to some beautiful seaside views and allow you to wake up to the sounds of the ocean.  

Community Feel

The hostel gets its name from the Esperanto language which was designed to unite the world with one common tongue. Whilst this attempt was unsuccessful, it played a part in inspiring what is arguably one of the best hostels in Montañita!

Whilst your stay is inevitably affected by your fellow travellers, it is amazing staff that transform a good hostel into a great one. Those that work at Esperanto Hostel know this and do everything they can to help travellers get the most out of their time in Montañita.

In some hostels, interactions between staff and guests can feel forced and contrived but this is in no way the case at Esperanto. The staff really make the effort to get to know the guests and as a result, they form a real bond with them.

To assist guests on their bedtime essentials, Esperanto Hostel has information boards. Montañita, Ecuador
The hostel staff at Esperanto are willing to help with every little detail to make your stay more comfortable.

Personalised Service

As the staff familiarise themselves with the needs of the guests, it becomes easy for them to personalise the service offered. For example, if everyone in the hostel is looking to drink and socialise, the hostel will tailor their evening activities to that. However, if travellers are just looking for a quiet chat, this is respected too.

All over the hostel, there are signs inviting guests to give feedback about their stay to the staff. This helps Esperanto to implement changes to improve the guest experience. There are current plans to add more hammocks to the sea view balcony upstairs as a direct result of feedback from travellers.

Esperanto Hostel, Montañita, Ecuador - Hammocks and Balcony
More hammocks to enjoy this balcony view!


One of the great things about Esperanto Hostel is its dedication to sustainability. It is made from 90% recycled wood and uses only energy saving lightbulbs. All of the rooms have fans to keep them cool and Jorge is passionate about saving water.

Esperanto Hostel is made from 90% recycled wood - Montañita, Ecuador.
Esperanto Hostel is made from 90% recycled wood – Montañita, Ecuador.

This can be seen in the work that the hostel does to reuse grey water to maintain the outside garden. As tap water is not drinkable in Ecuador, backpackers will usually need to purchase their own bottled water. These costs can add up quickly and don’t do anything to help with the single-use plastic crisis.

Esperanto Hostel has a large water cooler where guests can top up their water bottles for only $0.25. Not only does this help travellers save money but is also far better for the environment!

The guests of Esperanto Hostel can drop their coins in this box to refill their water bottle. Montañita, Ecuador.
The guests of Esperanto Hostel can drop their coins in this box to refill their water bottle.

Great Value for Money

Dorms start from $8.50 USD in low season and $14.5 USD in high season. There are private options (double and twin) available from $40 USD per night. You can book your stay at Esperanto Hostel on HostelWorld.

Dorm room in Esperanto Hostel, Montañita, Ecuador.
Dorm room in Esperanto Hostel, Montañita, Ecuador.

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    1. Hi Becky! Montañita is a small town with basic infrastructure so WiFi can drop in and out no matter where you are. The internet signal on the rooftop is generally quite good if I remember correctly. Hope that helps!

  1. Hola from esperando hostel

    Now we offer drinkable water for free, all you can drink 🙂

    Weoffer to our guest to BYOB bring your own booze if they want to

    Benefits that means save money to our guest at the end

    Save more money

    Also we are now promoting por values about we believe in social responsability
    Our hostel is owned and managed by locals and we support the local community and their businesses and therefore encourages our guests to take part in out towns events instead of hosting our own. Perhaps other hostels do in order to get more money but we take our business very seriously with social responsibility and do not step over the small local businesses. We do offer BBQ, beer pong etc, as shown in our social media. (Instagram Esperanto Hostel )

    Kind regards

    Pd hope could be updated these information 🙂

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