COVID-19: Paraguay Travel Updates

Ancient ruins, Jesuit Trinidad, Paraguay

Updated 11th September 2021.

See here for South America Travel COVID-19 overview. 

Paraguay Travel Restrictions (September 2021)

Can you travel to Paraguay right now? SUMMARY:

Paraguay is currently open to non-resident foreign nationals. To enter, you will need to adhere to the following stipulations as determined by the Paraguayan Ministry of Health. 

Before you enter Paraguay, you will need to:

  • If you are fully vaccinated, you will need to upload proof to the Paraguayan Health Ministry website.
  • Take a PCR, LAMP or NAAT test no more than 72 hours before entering Paraguay. This applies regardless of vaccination status. Children under the age of 12 are not required to take a test. 
  • If you have had COVID-19 in the last 14-90 days, you will need documentation to prove this. This will enable you to skip the negative test requirement. 
  • Purchase international medical insurance. This must cover COVID-19 including costs of PCR testing, hospitalisation, laboratory studies and ICU stays. We recommend SafetyWing.
  • Complete a health declaration available on the Ministry of Health website. This must be completed and presented when you enter the country. This is where you must also upload your vaccination status proof if you have it.

Quarantine Period: 

Fully vaccinated travellers to Paraguay will no longer have to quarantine from 21st August 2021. They must upload proof of their vaccination status when filling out the health declaration form online and provide a negative test result.

Unvaccinated travellers and those not fully vaccinated (over the age of 12) will be required to quarantine for five days after their pre-departure test.

Face Masks:

Face coverings should be worn in public spaces at all times. See our recommendations for face masks for travellers.


  • There is currently a curfew in place from 2 am to 5 am. Exceptions are made for key workers and those who need to go to the pharmacy or hospital.

Hotels and guesthouses: 

Some hotel and guesthouse options are available. You should check with your accommodation provider to find out what level of restrictions are being applied locally and what facilities are available for travellers. 

COVID-19 Tests Required: 

  • A negative result from a PCR test is required to enter the country, taken no earlier than 72 hours before travel.
  • All travellers over the age of 12 will be required to take another covid test on the fifth day after their pre-departure one. If the result of this test is positive, you must fulfil a week quarantine requirement.

Public places: 

There are restrictions on free movement and public spaces in localised areas across the country. These can change quickly and without notice. Social distancing still applies. 


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