COVID-19: Chile Travel Updates

The Port at Valparaíso, Chile


  • 21st May 2022 – Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is set to reopen to tourism on 1st August 2022. Source.
  • 1st May 2022 – Chile’s land borders reopen. Source.
  • 17th April 2022 – Chile will fully reopen land borders with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru from 1st May. Source.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing every day and the following information reflects South America Backpacker’s understanding of the current entry rules. We update this article regularly to ensure the information is as current as possible but we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Chile Travel Restrictions

Can you travel to Chile right now?

Yes. To travel to Chile, the following restrictions apply.

Vaccinated Travellers:

It’s recommended that international, non-resident visitors to Chile be vaccinated unless exempt.

Exemptions include:

  • People working with cargo.
  • Travellers transiting through Chile to another country or airport.
  • Crew members of ships and planes entering Chile.
  • Non-Chilean direct family members of a Chilean national or resident. Eg. Non-Chilean child, parent or spouse.
  • Non-resident international business travellers whose work is time-sensitive.
  • Children under 6 who have not had access to a vaccination program.

See which vaccines are approved in Chile.

Unvaccinated Travellers:

Unvaccinated foreign, non-residents can enter Chile by providing proof of a negative PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before flying.

Entry Requirements 

Before you enter Chile, you will need:

Required Entry Documents

Chile’s entry requirements are subject to change depending on whether the country is in Alert Level 1, 2 or 3.
Currently, Chile is in Alert Level 1.

Required Entry Documents For Alert Level 1
  • Passport and visas as normal.
  • Proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure.
  • A pre-departure COVID-19 test is recommended but not mandatory at this level.
Required Entry Documents For Alert Levels 2 and 3
  • Passport and visas as normal.
  • Proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure.
  • A pre-departure COVID test is required at Alert Levels 2 and 3.

Travel Insurance

  • Travellers arriving in Chile will need to prove they have insurance that includes at least $30,000USD of emergency COVID-19 cover. This is required for all travellers, regardless of vaccination status.

Our Recommended Travel Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic – SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance.

COVID-19 Tests Required

  • If Chile is in Alert Level 1, a pre-departure COVID test is not required unless you’re unvaccinated.
  • At Alert Levels 2 and 3, a pre-departure COVID test is mandatory.
  • You may be subject to random COVID-19 testing upon arrival in Chile at any alert level.

Local COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations below are only meant to serve as a guide and the situation is prone to change rapidly without warning. For more information on local rules and restrictions visit Chile’s Paso A Paso website.

Chile has implemented a strict Paso A Paso system since the start of the Pandemic. This means each individual comuna (municipality) can change restrictions depending on the level of COVID-19 infections in that area. There are a total of 5 stages ranging from almost “no restrictions” to “you cannot leave the house without permission.”

Regardless of the stage each comuna is in, there are a few national restrictions:

  • FACE COVERINGS – Face masks are required in all public locations. Also see: Best face masks for travel. 
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Social distancing is in effect across the country.
  • CURFEWS – Curfews may come into effect depending on which stage your comuna is in.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Public transport is generally up and running unless your comuna is experiencing a high level of infection.
  • VENUES AND GATHERINGS – Shops, bars, restaurants and attractions are generally open but that can change fast depending on your comuna.
  • MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE – Movement between regions is up and running. You may need to show your vaccination certificate or proof of a negative PCR test.

Land Borders: 

All Chile’s land borders are open.


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