COVID-19: Brazil Travel Updates


  • 2nd April 2022 – Fully vaccinated travellers no longer need to show a negative covid test when entering Brazil. Source.
  • 4th March 2022 – Due to falling COVID-19 cases numbers, Brazil have announced the cruises can resume for the rest of the season. Source.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing every day and the following information reflects South America Backpacker’s understanding of the current entry rules. We update this article regularly to ensure the information is as current as possible but we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Brazil Travel Restrictions

Can you travel to Brazil right now?

Vaccinated Travellers:

Non-resident foreign travellers will need to be fully vaccinated to enter Brazil. Your last vaccine dose needs to be at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Brazil.

See vaccines approved for use in Brazil.

Unvaccinated Travellers:

Unvaccinated foreign travellers are not permitted to enter Brazil by land unless they’re granted an exemption. Exemptions include:

  • Travellers who are unable to get vaccinated on medical grounds.
  • Travellers who are unable to get vaccinated due to their age.
  • Travellers who are unable to get vaccinated due to humanitarian issues.
  • Travellers from countries with low vaccination rates.
  • Travellers who are either Brazilian or Brazilian residents.

If you meet one of these exemptions, you will be required to quarantine for 14-days.

Entry Requirements 

Before you enter Brazil, you will need:

Required Entry Documents

  • Passports and visas as normal.
  • Proof of vaccination.

Travel Insurance

  • While there seems to be no official requirement for travellers in Brazil to hold travel insurance, it’s worth noting that many hospitals across the country are now only accepting patients with valid insurance. Credit cards may not be accepted.

Our Recommended Travel Insurance During the COVID-19 Pandemic – SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance.

Upon Arrival

Quarantine Period

  • Vaccinated travellers do not need to quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated travellers may be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Local COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations below are only meant to serve as a guide and the situation is prone to change rapidly without warning. For more information on local rules and restrictions visit the Brazilian Ministry of Health website.

  • FACE COVERINGS – Face masks are mandatory in some Brazilian states. Check locally to ensure you abide by local laws. Also see: Best face masks for travel. 
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT – In some Brazilian states, public transport may operate at reduced capacity or be cancelled altogether – check locally. Generally, public transport is up and running throughout the country.
  • VENUES AND GATHERINGS – Some hotels, guesthouses and attractions are open to tourists. However, some may be open for residents only. Check with the local authorities before travelling.
  • MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE – Travel across Brazil is up and running. Local restrictions may change at any time so keep an eye on local updates.

Land Borders: 

All Brazil’s land borders are open. The same restrictions apply as arriving by air with just one exception. If you’re an international traveller arriving by land without proof of vaccination status, you are only permitted entry if you are transiting through Brazil to your country of residence.


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10 thoughts on “COVID-19: Brazil Travel Updates”

  1. How likely is vaccination status to be checked at the airport or entering Brazil. A friend’s cousin is wanting to go there but is unvaccinated. Thanks

    1. Hi Randy, it is really difficult to say how likely vaccination status is to be checked. It could depend on the individual immigration officer, their instructions and how they’re feeling that day! Officially, it is a requirement so I think it is fair to assume your friend will be asked.


    I’m a Brazilian and my husband is American citizen , but he has a card with permanent residence in Brasil. Can he enter unvaccinated.


    1. Hi Zelia!

      As far as we understand it, your husband would be allowed to enter Brazil unvaccinated because he is a resident of the country. I believe he would need to isolate for 14 days upon arrival. However, I would suggest contacting the relevant authorities to confirm this.
      I hope this helps!

  3. Can anyone advise if I can travel to brazil from UK,I am Brazilian citizen but Brazilian passport is expired, I have Swedish passport ,I need to visit sick father ASAP, can anyone advise ?thanks

    1. Hi Lee,
      Sorry to hear about your father! I would suggest contacting the Brazilian embassy where you’re based. It sounds like it could be quite a complex topic which is beyond our expertise I’m afraid!

      I hope you manage to get across to see him soon!

  4. Hi there
    I am a brazilian citizen living in Australia and unvaccinated. I wish to visit my family in Santa Catarina in July. Am i allowed to travel to Brazil?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Fabi,
      I hope you are well!
      As you can see in the article, our understanding is that as a Brazilian citizen, you will be permitted to enter Brazil without a vaccine. However, you will likely be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
      That said, everything could change again by July. We recommend checking with your official government website or visiting a Brazilian embassy in Australia to get the most accurate and up to date information.

  5. Hellou,
    so basically as always, a transit through the GRU Airpotz is not considert as an “entry”, correct?
    Asking for an unvaccinated friend…

    1. Hey Peter,
      As far as we understand it, yes you are able to transit through a Brazilian airport as long as you do not leave the international airport area! It’s always best to check with the Brazilian government website to confirm this.

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