COVID-19: Colombia Travel Updates

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Updated 12th June 2021.


  • On 21st May 2021, Colombia banned non-resident resident arrivals from India until the end of June. Source
  • After Colombia reopened its borders, Panama decided to close its border with Colombia on May 20th 2021, over concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Source
  • Colombia reopened its land and water borders with its neighbours (except Venezuela) on 19th May 2021. Source.

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Colombia Travel Restrictions (June 2021)

Can you travel to Colombia right now? SUMMARY:

Yes, in most cases you can travel to Colombia. However, direct flights to/from London are suspended until further notice. From 22nd December 2020, the Colombian government announced that you cannot enter the country if your journey began in the United Kingdom. Source. If this is the case, you will need to exit Colombia on the next possible flight. 

There are a few exceptions to this rule which are: 

  • Colombian nationals or those with permanent residence in the country (and their beneficiaries).

If you are exempt for this reason, you will be required to comply with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection sanitary measures. 

  • Aircraft crew
  • Diplomats

If you have symptoms of coronavirus or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive in the last two weeks, you will not be allowed to enter Colombia.

Before you enter Colombia, you will need to:

  • Take a PCR test no earlier than 96 hours before boarding your flight. A negative test result is a requirement of air travel into Colombia. This applies to all passengers, including children. If you were not able to get a negative PCR test result prior to boarding, you will need to fill out a form to explain why this is. 
  • Fill out the ‘Check-Mig’ form anytime between 1 and 24 hours before your departure for Colombia. (This will also need to be completed before you depart the country.) The successful completion of this form will result in your receiving an email confirmation that you will need to present upon your arrival in the country. 

Quarantine Period: 

There is no longer a quarantine in place for travellers heading to Colombia.

Face Masks: 

The use of masks is compulsory in public spaces and also when using public transport. Surgical masks must be used by all aeroplane passengers over 2 years old for the journey to Colombia and once they arrive in the airport terminal.

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COVID-19 Tests Required: 

  • You will need a negative PCR test result as a requirement for boarding your flight to Colombia (within 96 hours). 

Internal Travel Restrictions in Colombia: 

Internal travel within Colombia is currently allowed. However, local measures may vary and could include regional lockdowns and curfews. Changes to the current restrictions can happen without warning. Be sure to keep an eye on local news outlets while travelling in the country. 

Land Borders: 

Land and water borders are now largely open, with the exception of Venezuela. Panama has closed its land border with Colombia. 

Public places: 

It is not possible to gather in groups of over 50 people in public. Currently, the consumption of alcohol is also prohibited in public spaces. 


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