COVID-19: Colombia Travel Updates

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Updated 2nd December 2021.


  • Colombia extends health emergency until at least 28th February. It was due to lift at the end of November. Source.
  • From 16th November, it will be mandatory for anyone over 18 to show proof of vaccination to access large events, bars, clubs, resturants, cinemas as well as many other locations and activities. From 30th November, it will be mandatory for anyone over 13 years of age. Source.
  • The WHO has added the Mu coronavirus variant to their ‘variants of concern list’. Source.
  • Colombia has lifted vaccine restrictions during the third wave. Source.
  • On June 4th, Colombia further eased its entry requirements despite rising cases. A negative COVID-19 test is no longer a requirement for entry. Source.

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Colombia Travel Restrictions (December 2021)

Can you travel to Colombia right now? SUMMARY:

Yes, in most cases you can travel to Colombia.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive in the last two weeks, you will not be allowed to enter Colombia.

Before you enter Colombia, you will need to:

  • Fill out the ‘Check-Mig’ form anytime between 1 and 24 hours before your departure for Colombia. (This will also need to be completed before you depart the country.) The successful completion of this form will result in your receiving an email confirmation that you will need to present upon your arrival in the country. 

Quarantine Period: 

There is no longer a quarantine in place for travellers heading to Colombia.

Face Masks: 

The use of masks is compulsory in public spaces and also when using public transport. Surgical masks must be used by all aeroplane passengers over 2 years old for the journey to Colombia and once they arrive in the airport terminal.

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COVID-19 Tests Required: 

  • There is no longer a negative test requirement for international travellers to enter Colombia.

Internal Travel Restrictions in Colombia: 

Internal travel within Colombia is currently allowed. However, local measures may vary and could include regional lockdowns and curfews. As of 16th November, travellers over 18 will be required to show proof of vaccination before entering large events, pubs, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, amusement parks and many other locations.

Changes to the current restrictions can happen without warning. Be sure to keep an eye on local news outlets while travelling in the country. 

Land Borders: 

All land and water borders are now open, however, some neighbouring countries have chosen to close their borders with Colombia. 

Public places: 

It is not possible to gather in groups of over 50 people in public. Currently, the consumption of alcohol is also prohibited in public spaces. 


On the ground: Traveller Reports:

These reports have been taken from our South America Backpacker Facebook community. 

Traveller report 17th July 2021 – “ I’m in Colombia. All is quite normal. Protests have ended. Covid is still pretty common but everything is open, bars, clubs, restaurants.” – Carlos.

Traveller report 17th July 2021 – “[I’m] in Colombia. Everything is back to normal. Protests have ended. Entertainment is all open. Nothing major going on.” – Christian.

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19: Colombia Travel Updates”

  1. Thank you for your quick response.

    I can’t find anywhere clearly stating whether you can arrive starting from the UK but I will keep looking. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hello,

    In this article about Colombia’s current travel restrictions you say that if the journey to Colombia started in the UK you will be turned away on the first possible flight. However the article you sourced is from December last year so I am wondering if it is still relevant or is there any new information meaning I could travel from the UK. Thank you

    1. Hi Jack!

      Thanks for your question. Initially, Colombia prevented those entering from the UK because of concerns over a new variant that originated in Kent (Alpha). When this rule was introduced, it was deemed to be in place ‘until further notice’. Some sources imply that this is still in place, whereas others don’t mention it at all. For UK travellers, I think the best source to check out is:
      At present, there is no mention of the travel ban from the Colombian side, however, it is worth remembering that Colombia is still on the UK’s Red List so at the very least there would be quarantine and other restrictions once you arrived back in the UK.

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