Casa en el Agua, Colombia – A Hostel Encircled by Tropical Waters!

Casa en el Agua, Colombia.

There are only few hostels that you end up staying while telling yourself… “This is unreal, I never want to leave!”

Casa en el Agua is one of those.

A little paradise located in the middle of the ocean, the hostel is the first and only one in the San Bernado Islands on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia.

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The archipelago consist of ten tiny islands featurning white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This place provides a perfect mix of tranquility, nature and fun. 

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Casa en el Agua opened just recently in the end of 2014 and is therefore still a hidden gem in the Caribbean. The owners are easy going, amazing hosts and will help you to connect to locals who organize boat trips to all nearby places.

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The Accomodation

You can choose between hammocks 40.000 COP ($15), a dorm $50,000 COP ($20) or a private suite for 75,000 COP ($30) per person per night.

Choose the extremly comfortable Wayuu hammocks with a 270-degree view on the Caribbean – you won’t regret it!

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Things to do

  • Snorkel – The ocean is basically at your doorstep. Grab a snorkel and explore the amazing reef.
  • Yoga – Wake up with the sun, get off your hammock and find yourself doing yoga on the patio while overlooking the ocean.
  • Night snorkel in the Mangroves – One highlight is a night boat trip through the mangrove forests of la Isla Mucura while snorkeling in flourescent plankton, a beautiful experience.

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  • Kayak – Take a kayak and explore the mangrove forests and nearby beaches.
  • Eat fresh seafood – After a day in the water you probably want to grab some local food. You can either eat at the hostel or ask the owners about nearby beachside restaurants.
  • Rent the whole house for all your friends! – This is true, you can rent the whole house which sleeps more than 20 people.
  • Fishing – You can either take a boat out on the sea or just head out on the patio to fish your dinner.

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Places nearby to visit by boat…

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  • Isla Tintipan – The largest island with a beautiful beach to spend an afternoon. A restaurant run by locals provide fresh seafood and cool beverages.

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  • Isla Palma – A favourite spot for snorkeling.

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  • Isla Mucura – Swim and snorkel along the mangrove forests.

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Santa Cruz Islote – The World’s Most Populated Island!

The world’s most populated Island is a must visit, 1,200 people live in 97 buildings on 2.4 acres. Only a five minute boat ride from the hostel, this Island is an exciting experience. Take a walk around and have a drink with the locals.

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How to get there?

Casa en el Agua is only about 3 hours away from the famous colonial city of Cartagena. Take a 2 hour bus ride to San Onofre for 25,000 pp($10). From there change to a moto to Rincon del Mar, 30 min, 10,000 COP ($4) and take a boat to the hostel 45 mins 35-45,000 COP ($14-18).


  • Swing by at the local restaurants in Rincon del Mar for some delicious arepas con huevo or fresh seafood!
  • Note, there are no ATMs, no Internet and stores in Casa en el Agua, but the hostel provides a full daily menu, also small stores can also be found on Isla Santa Cruz.
  • For reservations check out their website: Casa En El Agua.

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