The Start of South America Backpacker…What Life is Like on the Road!

We are now five months into our South American adventure, where we’ve been creating a brand new hub for backpackers! When we’re not summiting 5,000 meter mountains or salsa dancing until the wee hours of the morning, we’ve been scribbling away. Spilling all of our crazy stories and secret tips so that your time in South America is equally incredible. So, what does tackling a whole new continent entail? Here’s how we keep busy…

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Finding the most spectacular backpacker hangouts

There are some talented, passionate people creating amazing hostels, restaurants, and experiences for backpackers over in South America. Our job is to uncover the best of the best. Getting to know what’s on the forefront of the backpacker scene so that we can tell you all about it!

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Seeking out inspirational and talented travel writers

South East Asia Backpacker Magazine has always been a travel diary for everyone and the same is true for our South American publication. We’re looking for writers to send us tips, inspiration, and creative musings. We love hearing all about your personal journeys.


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Creating a list of the best hostels

Where you stay matters. As we travel we’ve become increasingly aware that where you choose to lay your head at night influences the quality of your trip! Luckily South America is filled to the brim with incredible budget friendly options. In Santa Marta, Colombia we found a place with two pools (one on the roof) and common areas so luxurious we rarely left! In Ayampe, Ecuador we found a place dedicated to surfing and living the good life, what was supposed to be a two night stay quickly turned into a week! As we move further south we’re adding to our list so that you can stay in some of the best (and cheapest) that South America has to offer. Check out our list online.


Writing it all down

As our experiences grow so too does our website! As we travel we’ve been adding new destination pages and blogs about things we simply can’t keep quite about. We also post interviews with people who inspire us, itineraries for epic trips, and food guides to mouth watering must try dishes!


Oh, yeah… And we make sure to leave plenty of time to play!

Luckily half of our job is testing out all of the incredible experiences that South America provides. So we’ve jumped right in! We were lucky enough to catch Carnival in Barranquilla Colombia, South America’s second largest celebration! In Ecuador we took a week of Spanish and surf lessons at Montanita Spanish School. While in Peru we took to the mountains hiking both the Santa Cruz trek and Sallkantay trek which, ended at the stunning site of Machu Picchu. There’s a whole bunch to do down here and we’ve been loving every minute of it!

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Nikki Scott | Founder & Editor

Nikki is the founding editor of South East Asia Backpacker. At age 23, she left the UK on a solo backpacking trip and never returned. After six months on the road, she founded a print magazine about backpacking in Asia. The rest is history.

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