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Saving For Your Next Trip? Make Money From Selling Souvenirs From Your Travels!

Traveling is addictive. If you’re anything like us, as soon as you get home, you start planning your next adventure! The only thing that tends to stop you, is cash for a plane ticket! Perhaps one of the easiest way to make some quick money when you get back home is to sell off some of the weird and wonderful souvenirs you have picked up on your travels. In this interesting article, The Broke Backpacker tells us how to do it!

How to Find an Adventure Buddy!

One of the main reasons some would-be adventurers never leave home is because they are worried they won’t meet anyone. If you are nervous about travelling alone by yourself and you can’t find convince any of your friends to expand their horizons then don’t fret – you don’t have to stay at home! Will Hatton, experienced budget traveller gives us some tips on how to meet that perfect adventure buddy!

Why Everybody Should Try Couchsurfing!

Couchsurfing is a global online community for backpackers, expats, students, families and pretty much everyone in between! The concept is that you get free accommodation all over the world from a community of hosts. Ultimately however, it goes a little deeper than that, couchsurfing is an exchange of ideas and cultures. Will Hatton, AKA The Broke Backpacker tells us why it will enhance your backpacking experience…


The Broke Backpacker’s 7 Secrets To Travelling On A Budget

When it comes to travelling the world on a budget, ‘The Broke Backpacker’, (Will Hatton), one of the first South America Backpacker Ambassadors, knows a thing or two! He’s certainly not broke any more, thanks, no doubt, to the mindset that he laid out for us here.

The Start of South America Backpacker…What Life is Like on the Road!

We are now five months into our South American adventure, where we’ve been creating a brand new hub for backpackers! When we’re not summiting 5,000 meter mountains or salsa dancing until the wee hours of the morning, we’ve been scribbling away. Spilling all of our crazy stories and secret tips so that your time in South America is equally incredible. So, what does tackling a whole new continent entail? Here’s how we keep busy…

Why Do I Travel? Reflections on Packing up and Heading to South America!

Over the past few weeks as I prepare to switch continents to launch South America Backpacker Magazine, I have been asked the question. “Why do you want to travel to South America?” I find it to be an unusual question to be asked. “Why not?” is generally my first response. Thoughts from Editor Nikki Scott about why she wanted to start a brand new magazine and a brand new backpacking adventure!

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