La Buena Vida, Ayampe – Ecuador

“Surf often, eat healthily and sleep well. This spectacular place, located in Ayampe on Ecuador’s coast, is all about learning to ride the waves. We understand why it’s called the good life.”

 La Buena Vida- Ayampe, Ecuador

What makes La Buena Vida unique? 

Serious Surf Lessons: If you’ve come to Ayampe you are most likely here to surf, and La Buena Vida is one of the best places for lessons. Owner Keith has 30 years experience under his belt and a whole lot of knowledge to share. Using video feedback and a technical as well as mental approach to teaching Keith, and his two other instructors will have you moving beyond the whitewash in no time.

On-Site Spa: After a hard day of hitting the surf a little bit of relaxation is most definitely in order. La Buena Vida has a spa on its grounds offering one to two-hour massages and Reiki treatments to soothe any sore muscles.


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Healthy Food for the Whole Day: It starts with breakfast; plenty of western options catering to every morning indulgence you miss from home. French toast, chocolate syrup covered pancakes, and scrambled egg wraps, (oh and free coffee all day). For lunch, La Buena Vida offers a tricked out salad bar with every topping you could possibly desire. Tuesday nights are all about lasagna while Saturday’s are sushi nights.

Modern Touches: Sometimes you just want to Skype home and know that the connection won’t cut out. At La Buena Vida the wifi is strong and consistent (and if one network is down they’ve got you covered with three to choose from). There are TV’s in some of the rooms (including the dorm), reliable hot showers, and a/c to keep you cool at night.

Family Environment: Marilyn and Keith, owners of La Buena Vida, have set up the kind of place where you feel instantly at home. They are often around, sometimes with their family, adding to the laid back and welcoming atmosphere of the place.

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Location: Km.86 Ruta del Spondylus. Ayampe, Baja Manabi, Ecuador

Prices: Dorm beds for $22.50, private rooms starting at $60.00 (double occupancy).

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