Ayampe, Ecuador

A surfer in Ayampe

A smattering of restaurants and guesthouses dot Ayampe’s spectacular shore. Not much in the way of a town, this place is all about healthy living, with a strong emphasis on surf, yoga, and tranquillity.

It’s easy to assume that in a few years time Ayampe could grow into something much bigger than it is today, as it already becoming somewhat of a buzzword on the backpacker trail. We suggest getting here soon, while it’s still got all the charm of being a place entirely infatuated with its coast. It seems that in Ayampe as long as the waves roll not much else is needed.

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A deserted beach in Ayampe, Ecuador

Where to Stay in Ayampe

  • La Buena Vida: One of our best hostels in South America, check out our page! With an emphasis on surf and healthy living, we can’t recommend staying here enough. Rooms are comfortable, the wifi is fast, and the beach is a mere few steps away!
    Read our full review of La Buena Vida
The Garden at La Buena Vida, Ayampe, Ecuador

  • La Tortuga: This is a lovely option for staying right on the beach. Individual cabanas are simple but clean and comfortable. The place also has a great two story restaurant which is one of the best places in town to take in the beautiful sea views.

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Things to Do in Ayampe

  • Day trip to Isla de La Plata: Touted as ‘the poor mans Galapagos’ this tiny island won’t disappoint. A day trip includes a hike on the completely uninhabited island where you have the chance (and a very good one indeed) of seeing blue-footed boobies, nesting frigates, and Nasca boobies. In the afternoon you’ll get to plunge into the nippy waters for some incredible snorkeling where sea turtles, giant manta rays, and a plethora of colorful fish can all be seen. During the months of June to September, whales surround the coast and seeing some during the boat ride is practically guaranteed.
Two Blue-Footed Boobies Touch Beaks
Blue-footed boobies on Isla de La Plata
  • Visit Los Frailes Beach: Easily one of Ecaudor’s most beautiful beaches, Los Frailes is white sand and crashing turquoise waves. The main beach is easily accessible by mototaxi from the main road.From here it is easy to walk to the other beaches where you may find yourself completely alone surrounded by incredible rock cliffs and ocean. Catch a local bus from Ayampe, which will cost you a dollar, and then admission to the park is free! Thank you Ecuador for making nature accessible, as it should be!
Los Frailes beach seen from above
Stunning Los Frailes beach from above
  • Surf: Ayampe is known for its surf and getting out on a board is a must while you are in town. There are plenty of places that rent boards as well as places that offer classes for all levels. If you are looking for a serious instructor with a strong passion for all things surf head on over to La Buena Vida and ask for Keith.
  • Yoga: Otras Olas an adorable café not only offers homemade peanut butter cups they also have one and a half-hour yoga classes most morning starting at 9. While you do your down dog you’ll be motivated by the sounds of the ocean at your back.
  • Spanish Classes: Otras Olas also offers private Spanish classes for those wanting to brush up on their skills. Just pop by the café and arrange as many hours as you prefer.
  • Explore Puerto Lopez: This dusty town, about twenty minutes from Ayampe, doesn’t offer much but it as an interesting glimpse into a traditional Ecuadorian fishing village. Take in the blue boats bobbing on the harbour, same some fish slathered in peanut sauce, and get some cash if your running out (Puerto Lopez is the closest atm to the city of Ayampe). Read more in our Puerto Lopez Guide!
Boats on the sand at Puerto Lopez
Boats on the sand at Puerto Lopez

Getting There and Away:

  • You can catch a bus from Santa Elena, the ride with cost about 3 dollars and takes an hour and a half.
  • Alternatively, if you are coming from Montañita the ride is quite simple, either hop in a taxi or on any bus heading north.

Where to Head Next:

  • Montanita: This party hardy town is about as opposite from Ayampe as you can get. So if you’re ready to turn the volume up about ten notches head to the raucous shores of the coasts party town.
  • Cuenca: The cultural capital of Ecuador this city has got it all. If your looking for a bit of sophistication this city only five hours from Ayampe is a great choice.
A Traveler Sits on the Beach During Sunset in Ayempe, Ecuador

3 thoughts on “Ayampe, Ecuador”

  1. Ayampe is a special place..
    Peaceful, full of kind people.
    I imagine it will turn into a place such as Canggu, Bali in a matter of time.
    Cute hostels, good healthy restaurants and consistent waves.
    The central Coast of Ecuador is a hidden gem, safe – and pretty easy to navigate.

  2. Thanks for the article. Some minor corrections:
    Otras Olas -> Otra Ola
    same some fish -> some fish
    if your running -> if you’re running
    If your looking -> If you’re looking
    the poor mans Galapagos -> the poor man’s Galapagos
    the ride with cost -> the ride will cost
    main road.From -> main road. From

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