Jatun Yacu River Rafting Trip | 1 Day | from TENA, ECUADOR


  • An adrenaline-fuelled full-day adventure on one of the best white-water rating rivers in Ecuador!
  • All rafting guides are members of the IRF (International Rafting Association) and the ACA (American Canoe Association). Your safety is our priority.
  • Full day trip includes: All equipment, Professional English/Spanish-speaking guide, safety kayakers, guided Visit to a local Kichwa community, visit to Iloculin, a delicious lunch made with local-sourced ingredients.
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Rafting on the beautiful Jatun Yacu River is an all year round activity in Tena, Ecuador. The weather is perfect and the temperature of the water is just right.

See Info Pack Here: Jatun-Yacu River – Full Day Rafting Trip.

What to expect on the Rafting Trip

  • Unforgettable Experience: For the rest of your life, you will not forget the 7-8 hours that you will spend with us on the Jatun Yacu River. The rapids and awesome nature will make you feel glad to be alive!
  • Class III Rapids: The rapids on the Jatun Yacu River are classified as III meaning that they have moderate waves and are suited to intermediate rafters. (If you are a beginner, don’t worry, as we will teach you all that you need to know and guide you through the rapids safely.) At some points on the river, you will be able to relax and float calmly down the river enjoying the scenery, at others, you will be left energised and your body pumping with adrenaline.
  • Professional, Fun Guides: Whilst safety is our absolute priority, the highly professional and experienced guides at Kayak Ecuador will make sure your trip is entertaining. They will make you laugh and ensure that your trip is enjoyable and 100% fun and safe!
  • Amazonian Cloud Forest: This part of Ecuador is insanely beautiful. From the crystal clear waters to the colourful orchids blooming on the side of the mountain. The Jatun Yacu River is a tributary to the mighty Amazon River.
  • Kichwa Community: On our journey downstream, we will stop on a small island and interact with a local Kichwa community, indigenous to this part of the Amazon.
Jatun Yacu River Tena Ecuador Map
Map of the Jatun Yacu River Tena, Ecuador.

About Kayak Ecuador:

This rafting trip is organised by Kayak Ecuador, a licensed, professional and highly respected rafting and kayaking company in Tena, Ecuador. The company was founded by Santiago, who has competed professionally as a kayaker and rafter and has been exploring Ecuador over the past 25 years. The team at Kayak Ecuador contains highly experienced staff, including trained paramedics.


The price above $65 for one person is based on there being 3-7 people on the trip. The price changes depending on how many people are doing the trip that day. We will team you up with a group to lower costs as much as possible:

  • 1 solo person: $149 US
  • 2 people: $85 US
  • 3-7 people: $65 US
  • 8-15 people: $55 US
  • 16 or more people: $45 US

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