Terms & Conditions For Customers of South America Backpacker

Updated February 6th, 2020.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions work alongside our Privacy Policy, which is fully compliant with the European Unions’s GDPR regulations active as of 25th May 2018. You must agree to these Terms and Conditions before making a purchase on our website.

Your Personal Details:

Specifically for customers who book a trip through our website, we would like to make you aware that any information given to us at checkout, will be passed on to our vendors (trip organisers) in order for them to process your order and confirm your travel arrangements. On a basic level, these details include your name and email address which the vendor will need to book hotels, tours and other experiences for you and to communicate directly with you.

Any information that you send to us via the ‘customer order notes’ such as your pick-up hotel address or special requirements for the trip will be immediately passed on to the trip organiser and your information will not be stored nor used by us for any other purpose, nor will we share this information with other 3rd parties. Please never send us any sensitive personal information such as passport details or flight details, these should be directed to the trip organiser (should they require it) and we will delete them immediately if they are accidentally sent to us.

Your name, email address and details of your booking will be stored via WooCommerce on our website for the lifetime of the website as we are required to keep a record of all transactions made through our website. If you wish for your details to be removed from our systems, you can email us at info @ southamericabackpacker.com and we will delete your records if we are legally allowed to do so.

Correspondence from South America Backpacker:

We will use the email address that you provide us with to contact you about your booking. We will contact you with a confirmation of your booking. Afterwards, we will contact you once to ask you to leave a review about your experience. You will not be signed up to any ongoing newsletter, unless you have checked the box asking to be subscribed to our newsletter at checkout, or if you have already subscribed by other means. In other words, we won’t annoy you any more than is necessary!

Your Payment Details:

Any payment that you make through South America Backpacker is managed by one of two third-party services, Paypal or Stripe. None of the payment information that a customer provides Paypal or Stripe is shared with South America Backpacker, with the exception of your email address. We do not have access to a user’s billing address or their credit card or debit card details. For more information on Paypal and Stripe’s Privacy Policies, please visit their website(s).

Your Payment:

Any payment made through South America Backpacker is only an authorization of a deposit. This means that the deposit will be ‘held’ (not accepted) until a full agreement between the customer (you) and the trip provider has been finalised. We allow 48 hours for this process. If your selected date is not available, the trip provider will contact you with the nearest alternative. If the trip is fully booked, and no alternative is suitable, your deposit will not be taken. Within this 48-hour period, you can also change your mind about the trip and will not be charged anything.

Confirmation and Refund Policy:

The customer can request a full refund of their deposit up until 48 hours before the start of the activity they have booked. If their request is sent fewer than 48 hours before the start of the activity, no refund will be issued. If the organiser of the activity is unable to offer the activity on the day the customer has requested and is unable to offer an alternative that suits the customer, the deposit the customer had paid will be returned to them in full.

Your Agreement with the Trip Provider:

Upon confirmation of trip booking, your contract will be with the trip provider. Every trip provider will have a different policy on when they require the remaining balance of the trip. You will be informed of the payment policy by the trip provider. South America Backpacker is solely a booking website and accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur in the interim period between paying for your deposit and arriving at the trip destination. South America Backpacker accepts no responsibility for any injuries, death, theft or any other problems whatsoever, which may occur during the trip. Complaints should be directed to the trip provider.

The Right to be Forgotten:

You have the right to email us at info @ southamericabackpacker.com to edit or remove your data at any time. We will contact you immediately if there is any breach of data that affects your information.

Thanks for reading!

The South America Backpacker Team