Tim Ashdown

After a life-changing motorcycle accident, Tim decided life was too short to stay cooped up in his home county of Norfolk, UK. Since the incident, he has travelled in South East Asia, walked the Camino de Santiago and is currently backpacking around South America. His first book 'From Paralysis to Santiago' chronicles his struggle to recover from the motorcycle accident that changed his life and will be released later this year.

Top 10 South America Road Trips

Top 10 South America Road Trips!

South America is undoubtedly one of the best places you could choose to road trip. But with so many routes, how do you pick one? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

Rio de Janeiro from above

24 Astounding Facts About Brazil

Brazil is known for carnival, beautiful beaches, dense jungles and of course, wild parties. But there’s so much more to this astonishing country!

The Best Travel Money Belts - Keeping Safe on the Road!

The Best Travel Money Belts – Keeping Safe on the Road!

Many backpackers in South America worry about theft and the safety of their valuables but there are plenty of money belts out there to give you peace of mind. We compare the best travel money belts in this post to help you keep your valuables protected!

Gifts for hikers

Useful Gifts For Hikers – Get Them A Gift To Remember

It can be hard to know what to buy for the outdoorsy person in your life. To ease your struggle, our gear guide expert Tim has compiled his ultimate gift guide for hikers, ranging from cheap stocking fillers right up to high-end presents!

What are the best anti-theft backpacks for travellers?

The Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Travellers

Safety is important when you travel. With more bags claiming to be theft-proof than ever, we dive into the best anti-theft backpack recommendations to work out what is best for a backpacking trip around South America!

Machu Picchu In The Clouds

How To Reach Machu Picchu – 8 Options to Suit Every Budget!

There are several well-known ways to travel to Machu Picchu; the Inca Trail which will set you back over $600 USD, or the more ‘backpacker-friendly’ Salcantay Trek or Inca Jungle Adventure Trek (around $225 USD). But what if your budget doesn’t stretch to tailored treks and expensive tourist transportation? How can you visit the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site whilst spending as little as $70 USD including all of your transport and accommodation? Here’s how…

Llama at Machu Picchu

20 Amazing South American Animals

South America is full of majestic, dangerous and outright bonkers animals. Here are some of our favourites! How many have you seen?!

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