Bamboo Paracas Peru

Bamboo Paracas Resort, Paracas, Peru

“An affordable and individual approach to sustainable accommodation on the beach!”

Bamboo Paracas Eco Bungalows, Paracas, Peru

What makes Bamboo Paracas unique?

Awesome Location – In the quiet, beachside town of Paracas, located right next to a nature reserve, Bamboo Paracas is only a 20-minute walk along the beach to the town centre or a 5-minute taxi ride. If you’re looking for a party, then you can easily find it, but you don’t have to be kept up by it either!

Sustainable solutions – The best part of this great little spot, is how they have minimised their impact on the local environment. The mobile homes can be towed away, the bamboo fences and structures can be picked up and re-used elsewhere, even the swimming pool uses salt water directly from the sea and can simply be removed and taken away. In no more than two days, you could restore the whole area to its original state. That’s pretty handy, as it’s right next door to a national wildlife reserve!


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Independent Living – This place is all about having your own space; a living room, a cooker, private bathroom, even a bit of a garden. There’s even a massive grill to have a bbq in your own garden with a view of the beach. Hostels are great, but sometimes you just want to feel like you have a home for a few days.

The cost – At approximately 50 soles per person, per night, it’s a little more expensive than a hostel, but for six friends to have all of the advantages of renting an apartment, without paying the small fortune it would cost here in Paracas, it’s well worth it.

Watersports –  They also have three speedboats and offer wakeboarding, catamaran sailing, parasailing, fishing and rubber ring towing! If you’re into kitesurfing, then you can do that right next door on the beach.

Check out Bamboo Paracas on here.

They can also accommodate long-term rental!

Find out more about Paracas here!

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