How South America inspired one adventurous couple to be entrepreneurs!

This week we caught up with backpacker-turned-entrepreneurs Ela and Douglas, who are the founders of new travel website Quest Organizer – an easy to use flight search engine that finds the cheapest flights by adding a stopover into your trip. The idea was born during an eight month backpacking adventure in South America…

A Pair Of Peru Shoes

How Peru Inspired Three 23-Year Old Backpackers To Start a Socially-Conscious Business!

When three 23-year old French backpackers travelled to Peru last year, they didn’t think that their journey would result in a life-changing project. Wandering through the streets of Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire, they came across a pair of shoes, sneakers to be precise, with a textile pattern that was unique and eye-catching. Why not bring this distinct design to Europe and the rest of the Western world? AND – at the same time, create a brand that is beneficial to the local people of Peru… Here is their special story!

Wilman Matty, Indigenous Farmer in Rurrenabaque

Interview with Indigenous Farmer, Wilman Matty – Proud to be Indigenous

We travel to connect. To become inspired by one another. Whether they are locals or other foreigners, travelers quickly learn the power of a conversation, the power that a new perspective can add to our own lives. Check out this interview of indigenous farmer, Wilman Matty conducted by Belinda Grasnick in Rurrenabaque, Madidi National Park, Bolivia…

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