Can I Drink Tap Water in Argentina?

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In general, tap water in Argentina is safe to drink – especially in large towns and cities. In very rural locations, you should be more cautious about the tap water. If in doubt, ask at your accommodation. They’ll happily tell you whether you can drink Argentinian tap water!

Be aware, although tap water in Argentina is safe to consume, it is treated with high levels of chlorine which has a very distinct smell. While drinking chlorine-treated water is perfectly safe, some people find the taste and smell off-putting. Leaving a glass of tap water out for at least half an hour before drinking allows the smell to dissipate slightly.

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Water in Argentina

Can I Brush My Teeth With Tap Water in Argentina?

Yes, you can brush your teeth with tap water in Argentina. The only time you may need to use bottled or filtered water to brush your teeth is if you’re in an extremely rural location. 

brushing teeth with tap water in South America
Brush those gnashers my friends!

Can I Wash My Face With Tap Water in Argentina?

Yes, you can wash your face with tap water in Argentina. 

Do Locals in Argentina Drink Tap Water?

Many, but not all locals in Argentina drink tap water. Those that don’t, tend to do so because they don’t like the taste or smell of tap water, rather than believing it to be unsafe. 

Is Ice in Argentina Safe?

Yes, ice in Argentina is perfectly safe to consume. 

How to Ask for No Ice:

In Spanish: “Sin hielo por favor”

Bottled Water in Argentina

Bottled water is common throughout Argentina. Expect to pay around 250ARS (Approx $1USD) per 1.5-litre bottle of water. 

Can I Use a Filtered Water Bottle in Argentina?

Yes, you can use a filtered water bottle in Argentina. While this isn’t necessary most of the time, a good water purifier like the Grayl UltraPress, will reduce the taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. 

Water purifiers are ideal for travelling in South America!

Tap Water in Argentina – Is It Drinkable?

As a general rule, tap water in Argentina is drinkable. If you’re in small settlements, or somewhere very rural, you may want to be careful and stick to bottled or filtered water, but in big towns and cities, you’ll be fine. Water in Argentina is treated with chlorine which can affect the smell and taste of the water. However, it’s clean and safe to consume. 

It’s worth noting that older buildings in Argentina may still have lead pipes. If this is the case, you should avoid drinking from the tap. If in doubt, as at your accommodation, they’ll tell you whether you can drink tap water!

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